Hurricane Sandy Yields Celebrity Tweets

Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and others take to Twitter regarding Hurricane Sandy.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Yields Celebrity Tweets
Welcome back everybody and if he didn't know it it. National oatmeal today and we need some levity after -- -- this morning -- everyone having just -- in the wonderful ladies Laura and Eileen you came man on. That's pretty and pretty tough night -- -- to this duty the Laura and I think you so much that -- -- -- we have air travel little the little. I don't instruments from the typical LDL -- holder is now -- people that you let Murray -- a current. This is a bit better not adult male but here we go we have a baked oatmeal with infused strawberry. You bring the world news now letters -- might. It was a vertical thank you -- hadn't -- from your -- along that we have blueberry and raspberry -- stones. We don't fabulous we have blueberry banana oatmeal Brad right here and then blew -- mail. What -- is all things that we can -- if we had time I guess the recipes are on just those web site but floor and I mean think you can vessels were at an event happy. Oatmeal they everybody just look at the house like millions of folks will be today told -- -- a bad thing to have a -- ago I and it ended well. Back to get messy but we won't talk about that have to keep. He could get paid too far from the storm involving -- he would some celebrities are tweeting about hurricane sandy -- -- -- and signed with the gym here. She wrote why is it -- and why is everyone in such a panic about. -- -- -- calling it Sally stop projecting negativity think positive and pray for peace automatic cut just yet we're tweeting but think president -- -- -- for you know we got. Yes thank you for that jammed this -- and we love that also can guard actually inject -- chimed in. Back in Miami now miss the storm I'm praying for everyone on the East Coast I hope everyone. Is San involved thank you can be negotiated with things -- blow -- also -- She sounded from the Jersey Shore waiting for this storm a slumber party with my boys I -- meeting her husband and her -- newborn son there. Senator Smith he's still felt the summer part of the many -- from the Jersey Shore I heard someone I've heard someone say it best we lived through 9/11 we continued through. Anything so many -- the message of perseverance I agree with -- and so there you go. -- alphabet is making its way out of here that's the abolition -- -- kind of similar to the evolution that standard. Take a look at the picture see -- down south she's starts out of the nine and then she works her way after the girl's. The last thing that's very little on our guests about the time to make landfall -- -- cigarette hanging out of the house. That's still living in -- and -- on public. Nobody knows and -- out selling fake -- over the phone -- what everyone throughout the deal with the storm police say safe. But within the in this safety -- a few seconds ago who will make it through as we always do just basic -- -- -- your friends and your neighbors. Hang on -- and we will get through it stay safe stay dry thanks so much.

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{"id":17586610,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Yields Celebrity Tweets","duration":"3:00","description":"Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and others take to Twitter regarding Hurricane Sandy.","url":"/WNN/video/hurricane-sandy-yields-celebrity-tweets-17586610","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}