Review: 'Immortals'

Digital news associate Amanda Van Allen checks out the action film.
2:51 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Review: 'Immortals'
And finally it's time for -- this. Have a great Florida the action flick and morals reign supreme over the mere mortal movies at the weekend box on. That's it took in an estimated 32 million dollars the big question now is it godly. Our digital -- associate Amanda van Allen checked it out and she joins. Now -- I don't want -- I'm good things are happening aren't so how was it you're not. How I wouldn't say that it was Gottlieb but I thought it was a really really entertaining movie. I had a lot of fun I was you know on the edge of my seat it was suspenseful it was. -- -- was you know blood guts it was really great so what more can -- asked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm so just a quick plot summary here on -- Played by Henry for filing was out of class has stopped evil king hyperion -- Before he found this -- -- sword or or weapon that could destroy all of mankind. So fat that that was pretty woman it's up pretty typical bottom. He's like this you know the heroes trying to stop people got. But I was -- a little bit different -- really cool I enjoyed it but at this photography -- -- it looks like a beautifully made movie. It was actually really really beautiful I really enjoyed it but let's you have to take -- from me let's hear what some -- -- -- I think. -- great advancement was pretty if you read Greek mythology and everything. That victory. I love the this cemetery. There's a lot of moving into Greek mythology actually there was a lot of home he never put into. Creative and I intend to drop its. Made it look back. Yet so I didn't. It yes they really they thought it was got so I gave it four out of five stars -- -- I'm good. A good rating and only problem that I how to was I wish it was a little bit better graphically. I had to take off my three glasses sometimes because it wasn't me as a three movie -- just let's -- currently there. -- if you had to get the blood and gore you really want -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. God command the Americans I don't know what -- okay. --

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{"id":14946766,"title":"Review: 'Immortals'","duration":"2:51","description":"Digital news associate Amanda Van Allen checks out the action film.","url":"/WNN/video/immortals-movie-review-14946766","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}