The importance of social distancing and telemedicine

ABC News’ Kenneth Moton speaks with health expert Dr. Imran Ali.
3:24 | 03/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The importance of social distancing and telemedicine
Doctor Ali president trump says he wants to reopen the country to business sooner than later. Can we do that safely without widespread testing should we do it at all. Basic epidemiology says that right now we are not at the level were we can safely we move all the restrictions of social distancing. Do you look at South Korea on Jack anyway twentieth. Both South Korea and the United States both identified their first. Patient with co written. Career disease but that testing has been much more prevalent in South Korea. For example as of march 17. Approximately. Nearly 6000. Per million people were being tested in South Korea. On the flip side in the United States as of march sanity we were only just under 200 per million. So we're really really behind the curve when it comes to testing and that's thinking we need to know who is infected who is not who was a potential Karen here and who is not. What's the danger here if we reopened to sir what we're gonna see that people are going to be asymptomatic carriers. Spreading it spreading the virus to other people and we will not be able to control. Not amount of clusters we see around the country and then we'll just overwhelmed the health system we need to understand. Who hasn't recovered from the virus who has become now Whoopi call immune and less likely to be re infected. And they did the hope is now that maybe we can get this the serum antibody test which will be really critical in understanding. You know who are these people who have already been infected and went now built in immunity. To the disease he specialized in treating older patients if telemedicine a better option for them right now should it really is a better option you can do most things you would do when an office. If they have the equipment in people's homes. And some easy equipment pieces are becoming much more inexpensive and what's more easy to use. You can even listen to people's hearts you can listen to people's blood pressure get the vitals. And windy lot of waste of doctor. Most of the time things that he does he or she does in the office. Can be done via virtual telemedicine because we had the technology now to do basic things. Basic parts of the physical exam and even for the technology is there. And the cost is now much more feasible. For both patients with chronic disease. And doctors who need to keep an eye on certain illnesses that week we bring check ups without dragging everybody to the office all the time. I'll be seeing nothing can compare to an actual visit. But in times like these you know with people who are really don't. It's hard for them to you got their homes or in this case gained Christie out of their homes telemedicine offers an excellent option. Our thanks to doctor Ali and again our next half hour we'll tell you about a new telemedicine service. Combest based in the south Philly just south sorry the Phillies south Jersey area. But is really serving people cross the country. I think he nine ever and has up that bomb or they go into the doctor's office and he tells you everything you need to hear without even needing to touch you or give you any tests. It's a great option for the able really is.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"ABC News’ Kenneth Moton speaks with health expert Dr. Imran Ali.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69765092","title":"The importance of social distancing and telemedicine","url":"/WNN/video/importance-social-distancing-telemedicine-69765092"}