An Inflated Tribute to the Troops

A woman is walking 1,300 miles with an inflatable soldier on her back.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for An Inflated Tribute to the Troops
-- All right next time we're all so indebted to our troops and we you know we like armament and our own ways well this is a woman who's doing something very -- -- happened and she's getting a lot of attention there she is she's from Virginia name's Donna street. And she's -- it thirteen. Hundred mile journey all this while she has brought her back. An inflatable soldier and the idea is just as you know say the soldiers carry us it's time we carry them let's listen. Another look at that you -- isn't very -- tombstones. Eight heads down river dance and the blood of somebody bring it was not -- She's got 700 miles down -- 600 -- -- By the way the soldier is named crap detector -- six found stands six feet tall -- she says it mirrors the image of a close relative but it's symbolic of all. Our soldiers. I'll -- for -- I like fat paycheck without if you wanted to swim with the pain isn't never heard this. The -- all we -- paced life but we did note that samples it. -- such a thing about this is actually an island in the Bahamas it's called the big major K islands and the heavy pain just tennis women frolic in the beach all day long and they love receiving snacks from -- humans and the humans. Reward for the snacks and that they get to swim with the -- -- things are very good swimmers believe it or not I don't know that I ever seen a pig anywhere near water unless it was. Money and it you know all over it pretty cool and so nobody -- Know how these things got there was there are assuming is that -- ship wrecks are voluntary migrations or farm escapes that -- the pigs. -- dolphin swim with pigs so good campaigns is that age old question after descendants I always wondered why does -- have -- well you got four choices affect purport chip they -- -- look old sixty. For camouflage to hide from lions. Seeing to cool off -- Guy I think it's -- the first and yet that's a good guess right now apparently is dean bug repellent they've done these studies and turns out that force flies a little. -- that that like like to suck your blood they don't like the striped pattern and we gap by at the confused by it a whole apparently won't keep the bugs away. Some hiring all animals zebra striped good point yes I could get -- that this is a cool video that we want to -- it's time on video -- -- So Great Barrier Reef now this is coral. And then sponges. And the reason that this is a magnificent -- It was set up by and a Ph.D. student at the University of Queensland and if it weren't because of the time -- There will be no indication of the movement because they move so slowly.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A woman is walking 1,300 miles with an inflatable soldier on her back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23172096","title":"An Inflated Tribute to the Troops","url":"/WNN/video/inflated-tribute-troops-23172096"}