WNN Skinny 9.18.12

We remember John Ingle, one of the most memorable characters on "General Hospital."
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny 9.18.12
And now it's time for the skinny this might. Favorite segment numbers show. Snowboarder Shaun White member of the 1990 and I don't know my goodness charged with vandalism. We have his mug shot and it snapped. It's not pretty apparently he was in at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville he pulled a fire alarm at the hotel it caused the evacuation of all the guests. An employee also said he -- -- destroyed a hotel phone. White then tried to leave the hotel apparently -- -- cab. That was prevented by -- -- on -- -- driving was calling the police. -- after he heard that he allegedly kicked the person and fled on foot he was found transported to a local hospital for treatment and offices are saying he. Appeared extremely intoxicated as. You have strong they -- alcohol -- amazing things are happening. When you have attacks against Clinton -- nice guy finding a squeaky clean -- was easily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John let's talk about another. Potential bad behavior situation TMC reporting that -- -- -- -- did some very bizarre things when she went shopping recently she barricaded herself according to this TNG report for. Two hours in -- dressing room the clerk's apparently heard banging sound coming from inside -- dressing room. Every ten minutes Clark made a distress -- and other employees saying she was concerned about -- being in the air for so long. And apparently she wouldn't come out I need more time she finally came out at 5:30 PM. Went to the register bought a pair of stilettos and sunglasses few other things she also apparently caught -- DMZ report. Walked out she try to bathing suit top on it was underneath her dress when she came back and said. I paid the students she said she forgot that it was gone so -- Trouble you have one more thing a little follow up to that so what's next for her apparently not rehab is according to. Does she have any plans to. -- Brilliant troubles and we -- watching a train wreck I'm feeling like starting to be Lindsey -- halo can write -- yes I was good luck to her OK now -- a regime does turner and a half. Well general hospital everybody watches that for some time John Ingle died yes at age 84 after courageous battle. With cancer remember he -- the patriarch Edward quarter -- For nearly two decades he passed away Sunday again at the age of eighty. Four titles talk about it -- She's going to be the singer of a new bond movie song pretty sure Rick yeah right she has a license to thrill -- this is a total film reporting this. Demons got -- -- the title -- for the upcoming James Bond film sky fall. And she would join legends that have recorded songs -- James Bond movies include home gardening Duran -- Carly Simon. The spy who loved me remember -- one and Madonna's die another day and apparently. She told -- Francis and RJ radio that -- new saw this coming up probably by the end of the year and the rest of the new album would be about. Two years away I'd have to think -- going to be great I mean who doesn't love but I know that suture -- and defense has how. -- that I -- James Bond movies -- -- with me I'm with you on that I can -- -- like Saturday when you're doing even more and more John more and more I'm telling you back --

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{"id":17259800,"title":"WNN Skinny 9.18.12","duration":"3:00","description":"We remember John Ingle, one of the most memorable characters on \"General Hospital.\"","url":"/WNN/video/ingle-john-bynes-amanda-white-shaun-adele-hospital-skinny-wnn-17259800","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}