Insane Base Jumping Goes Viral

New videos of base jumping from bridges, hot air balloons and cliffs is hit on the Internet.
2:55 | 10/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insane Base Jumping Goes Viral
I got the next if you on the street so popular -- -- extreme -- -- let's go extreme. Baseline jump saying wow that's -- and it's extremely nothing new but it's extremely blows my mind just to look at it while this is the latest viral video. Vs -- on the bridge. This is crazy. Gets gets better keep watch and this is from David super -- -- draft Devean Supertramp excuse me is his name is his latest -- However let's just -- whatever it. And that -- Tolerance whole cool off. Did something find out -- on this -- I don't feel like talking in. I now there's not much to say it is just the viral video by -- -- brigade into the draft and him and his buddies and when the base jumping from the bridge wasn't about that took to the hot air balloons in this is going viral. And an honor who have wow yeah he was gonna get sponsored by -- Syria that -- there weren't aware of the product placement. Cool very good heart failure that I think it. This is also called the mostly just absolutely adorable there's little girl in New Jersey whose -- was trying to come up with the best way to wish. Mom a happy birthday happy for birthdays are huge for -- It's about a month before the -- say he started brainstorming on how he could make it extra special and their two year old daughter Claire came to mind. They put it altogether for YouTube video is pure magic take -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Golden lion eat and why don't -- and I am yeah. Much better get on the scenario admirable grace that she does a scout for really good -- -- his number two is you are made things. Members jury -- the best mommy -- are happier counting and then it before it took her a little bit of time to -- -- -- -- more but I think this is the one that mom really really enjoyed. Here the vast clock every mom wants to hear that book and coming from a beautiful. Little girl like -- doesn't matter what she said. Who's a child actress went on to be famous I don't know like that when she was -- she was -- Oh gosh I don't know he had the middle commercial moving right along now. King Kong radio this is a group that's gone by early access to be the back might help me out -- have been on FaceBook you don't. Six. Sure there are I thank you look at moving out of paying off. This is that group that does think Bob Johnson these summer. Clinton -- and you see -- that all eyes yeah when Boston is not often enough here is the newest. Installment in their viral -- -- just got a nice and then take this one out. OK and I compliments of now I think somehow these just and you have to agree with me at a talent they're called -- the same models get and then.

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{"id":20514095,"title":"Insane Base Jumping Goes Viral","duration":"2:55","description":"New videos of base jumping from bridges, hot air balloons and cliffs is hit on the Internet.","url":"/WNN/video/insane-base-jumping-viral-20514095","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}