Behind the Scenes at MAD Magazine

Dick DeBartolo, MAD's maddest writer, shows the magazine's operation and their new book.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at MAD Magazine
Kids of all ages Mad Magazine was and is in Iraq. The reverend indulgence with comedic genius topical humor and satire the -- provide a fresh perspective on the current culture. The magazine shaped or some might say -- too many young minds and now a new -- show the magazine's amazing influence. Hard his -- and mad mad as the writer did DeBartolo takes us inside this -- operation. -- -- And because I'm talking about a new book called inside man and I thought hey inside managed -- book. Why not talk about it. Inside mad. The magazine. So here we ought. We're inside man this is -- famous cover it's made up. All of it with the 400 issue so Alfred. 400. Covers. Man. This is the cover of October Mad Magazine which came out three weeks. Before the New York. Post they do it. -- -- as -- real character the original founder of man he didn't have a secretary he hated to cancel it is he didn't type. So he had fifty rubber stamps made with answers to the fifty most asked question and then it would stand all the answers to your questions on your own letter. And mail it back to you and he said -- it's a great system. And then we're going to talk to. Ceased to interest him. People who work hit man make it happen -- -- for carry the editor. Of man. -- always a pleasure you would then introduction. Alia is all you heard it 00. As you know we're talking about inside minute. And should -- that's come about because if this. Look actually came about from my old -- funding to make -- back in the 1980. And that was to ask all the different writers and artists. To contribute their favorite article to the book and the writers and artists really just jumped on -- they look through grade essays and then coincidentally. We will keep this a celebrity -- right. The introduction which was ultimately it might get -- but how we got up. Lot of grade essays by some great people was embargoed wonderfully about what it was like growing up greeting men in Salt Lake City immortal pipeline that was to part of culture. I think a lot of people most excited about is this terrific fold out. That Sergio -- -- is one of our most legendary artists. -- -- Where he did all the artists and writers that have ever could always evident that this is me they don't in front of -- camera how and it's Peter who's actually doing I have searches even -- Peter and he put them -- absolutely out right now inside mayor and so -- So there's kind of a backstage look at men's magazine -- we had some fun. And we're gonna throw it back to the studios so that they are elements that has tried to -- the game is the way is. I'll be back with gadget -- I'm talking to -- from met. Kind of hard to forget where you water isn't it. -- sixty. First anniversary by the way yeah thanks a lot daycare by the way -- a look at. Compilation inside -- and it's just got a little bit everything there's not pulled out that he was showing in prison for intent. Check out the fact that they were able to include every single parent and amber -- to -- the magazine and women that I happened to them I'm not mad. -- it because I'm finally get -- of course you think my sister my oldest sister always had a copy mad and it was just great to me that -- -- I know in this kitchen hands on -- a collector's item if you can't tell -- telling -- -- say it's just. Jam packed with really cool stuff to take this home to go on.

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{"id":20961020,"title":"Behind the Scenes at MAD Magazine","duration":"3:00","description":"Dick DeBartolo, MAD's maddest writer, shows the magazine's operation and their new book.","url":"/WNN/video/inside-mad-magazine-dick-debartolo-20961020","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}