Burgers that Won't Expand Your Waistline

Celebrate National Burger Day with a California Bison Burger at Bareburger.
3:49 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Burgers that Won't Expand Your Waistline
Today is national hamburger today and we are getting an up close and personal view of America's favorite food that's right our own -- -- -- got this tough assignment. She's showing us -- somewhat healthy alternative in latest installment of insomnia. Sweat their record in New York City today and -- -- -- on the menu but there's a problem. I won't make anything and I think there's anything more than thinking here. We're in the kitchen with -- and Jennifer. And I have to tell you guys I am parties holding my breath easy misses her period of -- -- -- -- yet. Absolutely not. What are we making today since he really neat indeed California -- with -- It's super healthy secretly. Couple of interesting things about Eisenhower library instead it has much calcium as blossom hill. Potassium and again. They came along I was at burger over an and -- -- -- of course -- fool -- hate fox the fifth round exit. The best way to -- it is medium we'll still be making them -- and you have a nice golden color on the outside. Town about it. -- more but much because. Pictures -- -- -- clear I mean it's a bit like basically -- Here where the -- right now and the outside. So you're quote. Medium rare -- to get its medium basically lifted -- with the cheese. Melt the cheese and it's ready to -- I think guys are we ready to address this -- here I'm so hungry and now they -- amazing. Self -- Supremely Gladys. Depending on the bottom. -- Slice of the union -- and -- -- -- on top. -- Don't you -- beautiful place with the eight. -- you know race takes place. On top. Really think some of both right and what's. This is a -- On the field. Onions garlic. Cilantro. Taking -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can -- -- nineteen. -- -- Here it is to keep Tina did and I think we gotta go for the double click here I think we've got to go in for the big by -- an amazing what really got to tell you. You right here here we are ready actually -- is there are you can do it you can do without -- -- -- there. -- -- -- -- My house out -- my -- buffalo that has some buff -- and why we are well -- all along. Little scored his right there. But it didn't end. Up just. Yeah really Elisa lab is -- turning to clean up my goodness so -- I didn't know much ruined chunk the -- To commit. While parent. This is really don't know -- I mean he's been very good for you need if you haven't tried to check -- now behind Iron Mountain calories -- fat. I'm leaving little -- reason to -- -- Wednesday.

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{"id":23892763,"title":"Burgers that Won't Expand Your Waistline","duration":"3:49","description":"Celebrate National Burger Day with a California Bison Burger at Bareburger.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-burgers-expand-waistline-23892763","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}