Insomniac Kitchen: Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream

Check out the sweet treat from Cool Haus Ice Cream.
3:24 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream
Just about junior New York City we already have a couple summer like days. And -- one other thing that makes -- New York City summer slightly bearable and ice cream. There are lots of places to choose from especially around here but we found one that is especially unique game he'd make -- Batiste has this morning's insomniac ancient. We'll hear Williams-Sonoma with the co founders of cool house and -- -- dessert company involving cookies and ice cream and today. Journeyman center ice cream and normally operate out of the event of -- truck we'll help track the travels around LA New York. Dallas. Your hand stores or your everywhere in in the out there really known -- and screaming and novelties as an appearance in sandwiches and then we really became known for our crazy. Like brown butter candy making the -- and charms are very excited mint chocolate chip in general is my favorite swimmers so let's get to it to keep. For this recipe is the wondered how the freshmen on this latest secret to march 30 -- question there's no -- -- -- and recommend organic. Semi sweet -- and turning going at the end actually sailed into the bottom. I have to Wilson have dark brown sugar in the -- -- most -- like quality and attention Kosher salt as well. So we're gonna -- the -- This is milk cream. 88 stands. About. Got caught in -- quarter -- certain. Personal. -- -- -- -- Bloomberg makes it. They taste that man. We just -- How struggle in the middle crazy and that new into the -- going by about the state are -- thirty minutes winning -- -- and he's on he's being wolf house. They staggered to double chocolate chip -- and there's a beautiful show about -- and surprising freshness touch around veterans and music. I didn't even -- and -- yeah lawlessness. Campaign al-Qaeda. And then rap animal wrapper around. -- seeking -- fifth -- having seen your hand and iron. Larry we know this isn't. -- -- This sweet and delicious time with the ground -- OK and at times yeah. -- -- -- Cheers noted she's -- the rapper you -- don't remember until when we didn't know. This is -- down. His goal in thirty minutes of ice cream and it's the one that you saw -- made with real minutes. To a powerful and it -- it so -- yeah. He said he wanted to is that -- -- -- I wanted to try to -- Cuban cigar which sounds dreadful morning got to know what tastes like especially at this this is good in this this -- good must be -- by the way at least you know what means most -- and what does -- -- to -- -- your diet cigar that's right. Local health checks by the way if you're anywhere in these places. NIC LA Austin and Dow list and they are absolutely delicious and a warm day which -- -- we're gonna have a lot of warm -- coming up here in New York especially this is just perfect hits despite what some -- you don't. And we -- at home together and ice creams. And young -- who.

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{"id":23908561,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream","duration":"3:24","description":"Check out the sweet treat from Cool Haus Ice Cream.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-dirty-mint-chip-ice-cream-23908561","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}