Insomniac Kitchen: Ice Cream Cake

Head to Ample Hills Creamery for their classic ice cream cake.
3:08 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Ice Cream Cake
What's better than ice cream. But in the form of the can definitely lovers are on -- trend takes all the way to Brooklyn for this morning's insomnia kitchen. There's nothing better than a cold -- ice -- in the middle of summer. What's even better ice cream cake and -- makes them right here at temple hills in. We're here with -- -- -- -- hills Lauren I can't believe I didn't make ice cream -- You guys are so popular game room and gusty winds around the block during the kind of summer what is your secret well -- -- we made everything from start to. That means to control the flavor profiles very early -- as we make ice cream cakes are also accuses me probably about Mimi. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So this is a thin -- of -- -- grounding its dark chocolate fudge brownie -- and then you covered that with. That we also -- -- -- a -- it. -- you want to do is easier since verdict. Fill the holes and press it down and then what we do is we freeze that there about one to two hours. Before. -- patients and Amy freeze that's for another. Hour two hours and you wind up with something a little bit like case Dan Marino and strawberry has details. Yeah. Rephrase that for another 22 hours and when it was something like that Scott says it has the Blair the base and -- again has the need to keep things clean in the middle. Another -- Islamic chaplain in the strawberry -- -- -- the final step. It hadn't -- layer have we. Some rocky gap organic -- sugar and -- and -- The surface ice cream -- Quite break me some color and have an excellent sometimes thinks he got -- have sprinkle. They didn't along that I can't wait to -- -- the. That it. I'm -- -- and it I'm it continue to -- explained -- that you. How does -- start eating. Five. And I -- plane tickets. Blue wrapping up -- and hello even. Thank you so much of the list says it. I'm sold on ice cream cakes I love it. But I will say this folks I don't know -- you've had this problem. How hard was it to cut this -- agreement and Chrysler art theft theft so our producer just told us a tip as did the night in hot coconut oil and you just mineral right through it about. And a good folks and what else can we also a cook -- But you and I were talking about. I feel that you've made in America when you have a deep freezer. In your basement -- do you put all these things in the three are really united building donated in America when you can anchor programming get to eat every single day -- -- -- --

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{"id":24659070,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Ice Cream Cake","duration":"3:08","description":"Head to Ample Hills Creamery for their classic ice cream cake.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-ice-cream-cake-24659070","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}