Insomniac Kitchen: Pork Shoulder

The new roasted treat that could supplant turkey.
3:51 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Pork Shoulder
-- -- -- Welcome to world news now this is a very special edition. Insomniac kitchen because you are in my insomniac kitchen. And I'm going to move cook for you and share a very secret special recipe. For Thanksgiving we of course make the Turkey and all the fixing. But we also make -- -- witches pork shoulder and that's basically the Puerto Rican Turkey. So if you're gonna half a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving you have to have -- -- I always say you want to get something between like eight and ten pounds -- it's always so delicious. The first thing that I it was happening in a lot of -- -- -- -- is very very important to spread it around. You cannot make this without -- -- He hit it -- I think you should be pretty liberal with it accidentally because it gives it so much of the flavored. And then you put some down in the ditch. Because -- -- tea while it's cooking and based it rather while it's cooking. That will give it some more -- them. The other thing that I usually uses another Goya products -- on Thanksgiving and meet such a great Natalie flavor but it gives it some really wonderful. Let -- leave -- the -- very important. Yes the other thing that I used as. If I use extra hour of welcoming any any kind of problem some people don't like to cook with extra virgin I liked the extra. I think the extra effort -- at something. The other thing -- -- -- I put a little bit of wine. I wish I could tell you how much. Flying to -- But it's just -- tastes. So I would say a little four. -- -- -- -- You quit. I would say probably about. Half a cup of water. I have a couple -- This is the most important step believe that are not even more important I think -- seasonings -- -- to slow cook it. Thinking about the night before. I had it to fifty. The unveiling. Good now. -- I have a group of -- here my mother is it is telling me that I may be over cooking it but it. I disagree with him. I like it really really tender inside and really really crispy outside. -- Mike tasters ready. You let me know. If this is and you see it should just basically fall off. The bone. Gave ground -- anywhere but see -- get your vote. As a magnificent. Kane missed along mom I you read days you. What do you think what do you think -- -- -- And that's your holiday that he. I love it -- -- first things first one has the list is too adorable -- not fake Q my little -- is -- -- 35 -- -- already is scary now. Rabid pro wasn't any material him what this is caught on what you think the most important ingredient may be -- so it's as she. I think it isn't needed which is a pork shoulder I think -- most important thing is to slow cooking and I could get for like ten. Almost Smollins. And learn -- to -- me.

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{"id":15013468,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Pork Shoulder","duration":"3:51","description":"The new roasted treat that could supplant turkey.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-pork-shoulder-15013468","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}