Insomniac Kitchen: Rice Krispies Treats Grow Up

Marci Gonzalez sees the childhood treat in a gourmet light at NYC's Treat House.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Rice Krispies Treats Grow Up
Not the normal sugar in the morning especially when it combines popular breakfast cereal -- get hasn't made rice crispy treats during sleep over something like that one now. This sugary slice of childhood. It's growing up for insomniac kitchen I visited the -- house here in New York to find out how his popular snack hasn't gone -- And we're here treehouse suite executive pastry -- Wendy how we can -- calling them. Being treated wizard -- IR AK so we keep all of these incredible clean -- here's some what is the concept. Behind that. Concept was initially we were making them for kids when we found out adults like -- two -- look at classic recipes for. Chris -- -- and me. Kinds of flavor isn't in jazz today to make your life and glorified candy. This chocolate pretzels looking really -- you're gonna show academy. Again line into the burner so organ mountains. Bush and marshmallows and dairy free margarine. OK mark -- and mouth Bentley and her hand. Under the Christmas sale. It until it. -- -- -- And again next I think reporters. -- And atmospheric. -- in the -- And some Democrats. -- They want to think tanks and today. About it. Snowing and in the chocolate chips. If you want to take us. -- -- -- -- okay. So this is you. Chocolate bread so little has Karen -- and science news going to push this into our sheep and now we had -- nice nice mountain. Too hot to cold. So now we've got some chocolate marshmallow. The me that I had -- event. But the pretzels on the child they -- minds. And now and now you have the -- This is so good. No -- -- like. So awesome I'll say they're still good and they let me show is -- in with gluten free cereal for people have a gluten allergy and a ship. All over the country actually sent some to my cousin because they were so good and she loves these crispy registries. Crispy -- -- yet here we go he comes -- all the little surprise. Cheated on -- All can you guess units and -- execution diet except mark he's gonna. I thought they did any way that they are they do all kinds of cool stuff -- so. The top of the -- this -- Marcy the last day -- and in -- back tomorrow we miss you so much -- all I know I'm gonna -- today is to in the it would be weird to bite into my own -- so. You have to take up the woman I think that this is that the -- -- -- -- that you -- they have all -- -- -- -- mint chocolate they have key -- -- flavor. Also right this is totally awesome.

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{"id":23061512,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Rice Krispies Treats Grow Up","duration":"3:00","description":"Marci Gonzalez sees the childhood treat in a gourmet light at NYC's Treat House.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-rice-krispies-treats-grow-23061512","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}