Insomniac Theater: 'Anabelle: Creation' and 'The Nut Job 2'

Take a look at two movies new at the box office this weekend.
2:51 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'Anabelle: Creation' and 'The Nut Job 2'
Gates Friday and it is time burns on their theater. We started out with its prequel to the spinoff of the conjuring. Stay with me so it tell the chilly back story of the Annabel doll its creators and his wife opened their home when none. And several orphan girls twelve years after the tragic death of their daughter but. They also become targets of the malevolent spirit that has now taken over that don't. And sounds nice and you must be cute. Precinct. We shouldn't be here why did looked like a nice place. I'm scared just watching that I had so Annabel creation is soaring a solid 69%. On rotten tomatoes even the critics. Are giving it mostly backhanded compliments. And our numbers writes this affected yet empty headed horror movie goes to show how eager audiences are to be scared. And how even an unsightly doll can do the trick hello checking for hot and. And enough passion think the critics are being very paso agro with their criticism. Then made an effort of the Dow could be. I gave. Next 3-D animation featuring the voices of Will Arnett Mayer read off the Jackie Chan Katherine hi girls burly squirrel and the gang. Back in the nut job to naughty by nature. Nothing I. Had an explosion levels a nice shot the animals and finding new home but they also face a brand new enemy. The city's crooked man or. Pretty as a liberty and tough to generate. The erode profits and I got bigger planes tree stand in. That fact guy with a dining shovel a much damage can he do. Well I can't tiny shovel was symbolic gesture. It's another by major actually may be the one that's dead on arrival here to critic scoring it a dismal 20% rotten tomatoes there. Owing to Lieberman calls it another carnival of animated momentum that tries to make up. In slaps to exit out what it lacks in character Roger Moore writes. At least it's not the Mozy movie. I had to burn the eulogy movie got like a 7% time. That's Manhattan itself in the flooding most world really cute and I'm finding cheer and the best.

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{"id":49153604,"title":"Insomniac Theater: 'Anabelle: Creation' and 'The Nut Job 2'","duration":"2:51","description":"Take a look at two movies new at the box office this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-anabelle-creation-nut-job-49153604","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}