Insomniac Theater: 'Anchorman 2' Review

Can "Anchorman 2" live up to the hype and be a hit at the box office?
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'Anchorman 2' Review
-- Welcome back everybody to an earlier edition of insomniac -- It is not that we get just him and of course -- at the movies this morning everyone's talking about this one that's because anchorman that still has finally. -- -- yes Ron Burgundy has been teasing us for months appearing in car ads on local TV shows even on ESP act more -- -- -- -- -- back together again. Good morning New York City to do 24 hour cable news. But then this happens. We all love brick. Sweet -- told the next speaker was very close to. Lou why. The -- these you're not there. That -- dominance posted. Still not quite sure how sweet and Rick and whether men can be that stupid Matt Blaylock yeah. Heck he goes to New York with Iran -- are trying to figure out how to fill 24 hours best news we struggle in ninety minutes -- -- -- Yet here they are the -- some story -- It's the global temperatures drives -- a degree alarm climate scientists -- What we -- -- -- instead of the news. Freddie no absolutely not Freddie come -- We're just brainstorming here were trying to figure out. How to make news less boring and you act like repeating your milk shake the news is supposed to be boring -- theory this stuff. I -- a very similar meetings and ABC. 8000 really innocent and -- it's definitely not your smile and tell us. We have lost some critics -- we're disappointed that anchorman two isn't anchorman one not to do not Walter and NPR says can quote me quote. Coast along quite successfully on sheer magic eccentricity. And electricity -- -- to thank you want action. You that's if they did today and into cleverly spokesman Tony for averaging news cycle as well as sexism and racism in the workplace. But there -- two real issues in TV news in the late seventies and eighties when this movie was supposed to take place. As you can probably tell by the -- -- out of towards the clothing. Winnebago -- I -- drive by that was awesome I didn't really did that makes fun of our industry I Cadillac convertible into. Because it didn't it is there. -- that very that's -- I was there and aggravated wooden arrows. But if they're downloaded. That's very similar 66. And -- be married married similar step up yet tonight I was doing it shows -- --

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{"id":21257749,"title":"Insomniac Theater: 'Anchorman 2' Review","duration":"3:00","description":"Can \"Anchorman 2\" live up to the hype and be a hit at the box office?","url":"/WNN/video/anchorman-2-movie-review-will-ferrell-21257749","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}