Insomniac Theater: 'The Boss' and 'Demolition'

A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend.
2:53 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'The Boss' and 'Demolition'
You're really thank you you it's improper. No the props department did reduce the popcorn weren't aware that I'm not needed but in here doesn't taste as much suspects are from about eight you don't let's the last. Art. Try to enjoy it back and it's enough for Reid is less than sonic bitter. Got it is awful still we start with the boss. And this time we're not talking about Bruce Springsteen. No of the bus is a movie about a titan of industry played by Melissa McCarthy. When she's not applying hair spray tan spray can you be making a mess up they're trying to rebrand herself after a stint in prison for like to say. He can't keep a good executive down. All right. Susan reed and eight yeah. Speaking. The east. Can I be honest they can apparently killed himself because his name was beginning I know this. All right okay when TT cops in. We still plan and plot her escape suddenly not really whenever struck pursuits so important in my house only getting 18% a bond titles pat burns. Dan Callahan from the rap says. It isn't comedy and a dozen drama much less comedy drama laden and riding true it USA today claims. The bus is a free for all of inappropriate language unsuitable for even the most crass boys club war. Perot allow while another critic calling it simply catastrophic. Which brings us my film demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts I saw this on so do all plays Davis Mitchell and investment banker whose given. It's a strange behavior after losing his wife in a car crash eventually. He forms an unlikely connection with watts is character and he gets some help doing some while you guessed it demolition. Garrido may end. We're taking apartment mirrors. Yeah so it's about 88 minutes of that there's one reason why the film is called double. They're making the crowd. They're great care. As for the review. It's slightly better than the bust 56%. On rotten tomatoes. Freddy Meyer's of the San Jose Mercury news says it demands a lot to make a character whose complicated like Davis sympathetic but. Jake is up to the task the Revere in the New York Daily News not its kind saying doesn't add up to much demolition is Iraq who. I kinda green. And Stephen there snack in the box like the winner yeah. Back to stay just for all time saved. In the month and do my friend.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38245488","title":"Insomniac Theater: 'The Boss' and 'Demolition'","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-boss-demolition-38245488"}