Insomniac Theater: 'Captive State' and 'Wonder Park'

Take a look at two movies hitting the box office this weekend.
2:56 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'Captive State' and 'Wonder Park'
We have caught our breath yeah and now it's time for good company acted or check it out to movies open here at the box office this weekend. This morning we start with SI five thriller starring John good John Goodman action Sanders and Jonathan majors captive state. Filed a young man who leads a rebellion against an alien race that has invaded her and enslave humans. You would chose to believe there. Work from. He wanted to put your. We don't mention. Them. Also starring machine gun Kelly and Vera are meat yeah captaincy is scoring 67%. On rotten tomatoes. But most critics appear to be less than thrilled one writes. This is not in over in the top. Pick Blake action movie this is more of a seven these political thriller whip Tom Braddock heights elements on the big sigh you don't think your breath either. At another central Delaware near there them much better movie. But I'm darned if I can figure out where. And also I. I like the actors in this movie including John Goodman psyche is going to be do you like the actors and that as well I think that John given would not do a bad. Movie yes he's a good one right next to it really animated adventure call wonder apart can imagine it ten year old girl goes to Matt can't fit into the words. Stumble into the fan at the amusement park she spent her childhood days constructing and her head but of course. There's a crisis since he's the team up with the parks talking animals that stop the destruction of wonder part. By the champions obviously. We're. Yeah. Yeah. Here to champion. Tearing apart the part we need to fight back Bono. Seems I have backed into the middle of something backing else believe. Be used for. We'll. Why did we do I get lots of color themes find. I'm starting an all star cast of voices include Matthew Broderick. And Jennifer Garner wonder part it's going only at 31 over sits flat rotten tomatoes the New York. Toast critic writes it has animals relentless productivity. And the most predictable journey ever. And Mark Kennedy advises us all if you pass the music park. Skip it how I got but are they thinking about it like a kid's perspective they're thing about it from an adult perspective think about how the kids what they get back to and they have. Have they live a lie it. Pentagon send.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Take a look at two movies hitting the box office this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61705386","title":"Insomniac Theater: 'Captive State' and 'Wonder Park'","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-captive-state-park-61705386"}