Intelligence committee chair reignites wiretapping scandal

President Trump says he feels "somewhat vindicated" on his wiretap claim after Congressman David Dunes said intelligence agencies may have picked up some private communications from his transition team.
4:07 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for Intelligence committee chair reignites wiretapping scandal
And here at home there was a surprising revelation from the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and it. Triggered quite a bit of controversy on Capitol Hill. Thank congressman Devin Eunice says he has no information showing that intelligence agencies may have picked up some private communications of president trump. And his transition team after the election. But known as briefed the president before sharing that information with the rest of the intelligence committee ABC stream Marshall is here to untangle. What this all means it is in that there's actually a lot to unpack here. There's a lot it's really quite remarkable that chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is prohibiting saying president trumps team may have incidentally surveil. But now some questions were questioning whether he compromise the integrity of this committee's investigation. The white house on offense steaming by president Trump's claims of wiretapping. As a high ranking Republican comes to his defense. I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show. That's the president elect and his team. Were I guess it's at least monitored and disseminated out and intelligence house intelligence chairman Devin Nunez in a press briefing the recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about US citizens involved in the truck transition. Key phrase incidentally collected. Meaning trump and his associates not the main subject of surveillance. But pick double monitoring others that's different than what president trump claimed on Twitter comparing his predecessor to Nixon went. Thank you chairman Jonathan Karl the president said that President Obama tapped his phones and are excited I don't think. That hadn't seen and I happen I believe it was all done legally. I think result tame. The new report being shared with the press first I don't want to start talking. We're guessing what he naysayer me not say or explain this. I think that we will have more information I hope to have more information. What's a president is briefed then briefing the president before zone committee leading the ranking Democrats in the dark. Should maintains there is still nothing that makes Trump's attacks true. The chairman will need to decide and whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct. Which includes allegations of potential coordination between the trump campaign and the Russians. War he is gonna act as a surrogate of the White House because it cannot do both. The new revelation comes after Monday's hearing with FBI director James coney he bluntly and repeatedly art. Denied the claim that tramples wiretapped. I have no information that supports those tweets the department has no information that supports those tweets. President Obama could not unilaterally order a wiretap of anymore. No president could. President trump yesterday. So what do I must US sub what do it is common for Americans to be caught up in surveillance of foreigners. Republicans keeping their phobos on the leaks Democrats on the FBI's investigation. The trends campaign connections with Russia. Surprise each party focusing on the market that benefits energetic but I'm night but I mean does this vindicate confident in my. Well it's a big question there's still a mean it in his tweets said that Obama administration. Wired right yeah that's not true read it does say that he got caught up in this surveillance but is not unusual for Americans to get caught in surveillance of foreigners and the trumpet Stanley and the term campaign. Communicated with. Foreigners right Charlie investigation for the FBI enough for them to be named readied the needle for them to be named and that's what it unions is saying they were unmasked and to be unmasked means they were named in the surveillance and that's not typical and that's what they're worried about as the fact that they were unmasked and the other names -- then leaked are really just little Susie won citizens want that it into an it would keep them completely opt the paper in the transcript a lot of. People are questioning the timing of this announcement by Eunice and. Exactly the depth of it as it was is very odd briefing the press. Briefing the press and then briefing is un committee it was a land where just doesn't happen at certain Marshall thank you for being here with us tonight.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"President Trump says he feels \"somewhat vindicated\" on his wiretap claim after Congressman David Dunes said intelligence agencies may have picked up some private communications from his transition team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46320745","title":"Intelligence committee chair reignites wiretapping scandal","url":"/WNN/video/intelligence-committee-chair-reignites-wiretapping-scandal-46320745"}