The Internet Has A Field Day Over Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch

An artist's sketch of Tom Brady in federal court inspired hilarious memes.
2:52 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Internet Has A Field Day Over Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch
It is time for the mix and some say most say. That is almost impossible to make Tom Brady look under threat throughout he's a good looking man by all accounts handed out and there you go. But apparently yesterday hip court. What's being called sketched gate after a courtroom artist drew that picture that's supposed to be Tom Brady of their in the top right portion of your screen. Looking overjoyed to be there as you can tell so some meetings have appeared on line to this has just gone viral because. A very go under the personal and they throw his his picture. On his regular Jersey and we have other ones that are bought much more interest think this out of the stream the and the famous venue there by Edwards month. Followed the next one guy this is my favorite. I saw over the phone home forget that. Confirm the basket that we'll have him on the moon we sunk stereo and finally we have him. 00 our presidents at mount Rushmore there's nobody does something to talk about there he looks Derek safe. Please old and that's okay all I had to kind of to whether that was found affects now. We you know one thing about politics the campaign trump people. Get annoyed by those campaign ads they starting already in Canada this might be the most epic political ad ever take a look. You. KM wide Scott not running for parliament for the new riding a mission that's we Fraser yeah. He's running for parliament and this was filmed by a bunch of students and the city shot at. In a day at homestead instead it attracted a lot of attention the unfortunate thing is apparently he has very slim chances of being elected. As an independent cuts. Create absolutely. In depth and a brilliant save in the universe so maybe Canadian should reconsider they should he might reinvent. Things apartment will want to check back to see how he did it as it. Right final item here a momma going with her son. In a timed auto crept across race they're hauling but through the course his mom has moms do give him encouragement. But of course between frightened frightened. Right and streaks. Yeah. The club is urging. It is good jobs good jobs back in the very very cute I like how he even though she's slightly terrified she's still supportive mom. Flew right. And of course son is not. Batting an eyelash I can see through those not at all the other the support of mom and that is the mix toward today coming up we have more news BBC.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"An artist's sketch of Tom Brady in federal court inspired hilarious memes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33054219","title":"The Internet Has A Field Day Over Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch","url":"/WNN/video/internet-field-day-tom-brady-courtroom-sketch-33054219"}