Introducing a Brand New Sport

Get a look at a shocking new sport: ultimate taser ball.
2:57 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Introducing a Brand New Sport
Yeah and world news now delivers your morning. What about everybody I know papers usually -- like news and you have that today about I wanted to take him over here because a good friend of mine would go back to middle school actually name is Jessica mail. She doesn't mean I think journalistically and in terms of just international perspective it's very very. Imports are -- overshadow during the -- -- appreciate that she. Three years and making is put together this incredibly moving documentary about an epidemic problem of child rape. And in -- weather -- nine to do a story on another topic within ran into this issue. -- and this was blown away by what she found to chronicle the problem particularly young girl named Olivia who's. Was right when she was just seven years or so it's unbelievable some victims as young. As 21 months had been victims of rape and -- -- part here that country has its first female president ever who actually won the Nobel prize in 2011. For work on women's issues yet child rate remains a huge problem in that country so. She emptied -- savings she and a friend who went -- -- the issue and now has done this documentary called small small thing it's a project now on kick starter looking to raise funds for the editing the narration all the film part of this the -- to trailer. An Edison they're looking for about 25 -- to -- -- now and April the eighth. So go to small small -- dot com and help her out -- do you believe there's little trailer too long gone now donkey kick started you can watch it really is amazing work eye opening to say the least he'll run your perspective a serious epidemic there should go and -- and -- -- roster decision you rescuers have been. On impressive serious work. We get caught up in this bubble and have no idea sometimes -- -- outside of our walls. OK a little lighter note rob if you want to take the boys out have a little fun you know -- Google -- get your device. But he wanted have -- -- something called ultimate peace are ball OK he's half should -- use -- -- -- it's a study done do you implement it and here's a here's look here's an example of its actually former. Professional teams and just want. In January -- the -- You would fit into the goal that's the whole point it at -- you can stop the opponent. Up to 3540. Times it's if it's not gonna taking out a total of forty times -- -- rubber -- snapped and you can't -- met. The boys or your neck. That's that's a -- we got. People had died from being -- they have a heart condition -- that this they they said this woman make you twitch or drop the ball and it works in the nervous system sit back and get immune to it's it's not as strong as a typical stun gun. I would hope so -- -- all of that -- -- -- the side that there's a man in Michigan who is now filing class action lawsuit because he's tired of paying. Two high prices at the movie theater for popcorn concession fees until he's upset that he's filed a lawsuit -- you. Usually a major major problem here just -- much fun. Twice he has not been worked out -- the fight you.

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{"id":15855795,"title":"Introducing a Brand New Sport ","duration":"2:57","description":"Get a look at a shocking new sport: ultimate taser ball.","url":"/WNN/video/introducing-brand-sport-15855795","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}