Introducing the Digital T-Shirt

Check out the shirt that plugs into your iPhone and will display your texts and Tweets.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Introducing the Digital T-Shirt
Welcome -- makes everybody I'm a huge fan of teachers in this -- to take the cake it's just a prototype right now but it's a digital. Teachers. You heard me right -- plugs right into your opponent's play -- -- home content. And head anything else bacterium that's not gonna on your -- rather that we should know what it is is -- Henderson patent. Sun it's made by a company called Q -- kids it's a prototype now according to the Atlantic. They -- -- -- I've told you plug it into your iPhone -- like things up with your texts and your tweet souvenir and whatever else you want. That's ridiculous -- knows yet what about those -- Dallas Texas upheavals. Yeah I realized that -- wake -- -- -- -- -- see that this -- barrister of the week right here this case has gone before the highest. -- court here in New York apparently there is a strip club it all. -- called. Knight moves to -- -- yeah. At this -- in suburban Albany and apparently now they're saying is that what the dancers do -- -- -- lap dancers should qualify as a part of it has such. Even dancers at that club should be freed up state sales taxes under an exemption that applies to dramatic or musical arts. Reporter I think the lawyers says hello -- else that that's right Jack -- -- he says that black bear creek isn't our form in any case is stayed. -- is not qualified to -- such determinations and that making such decisions would be a violation of the constitutional right to freedom of expression. And that his argument they're making it. Are they even -- -- cultural anthropologist of the strip club came back and city indeed it is our facilities -- -- an art form that is what. The judicial system here New York. Is weighing on let your skin you know you know like -- -- of this -- Macedonia. The -- to get it yet -- -- -- those who gets some bills out. To those girls are artists film and I appreciate the stroke -- I'll venture artist coming -- well OK does -- dirty lines out here no we're just used to working with you during the next half. I love that aren't everybody knows -- out of the Democrat Harrison got Peyton Manning from dinghies -- but he's anywhere in number eighteen this year admits I'm flying off the shelves as Jersey. Except that no one district in -- have. Because it is called the Weld County district six they say that they keep keys where the number eighteen along with thirteen fourteen. 3140 what an 81 because it implies -- numbers affiliated with gangs. That's a little tough player and that stuff also this is -- -- -- -- this woman was -- a restaurant. Ed was looking -- about these two twin girls were -- booster seats but no they were actually being potty trained right there in the restaurant full view of the customers they were not -- say they were actually lids on toilet she snapped a picture of what they'll FaceBook small ball kind of criticism what.

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{"id":17168891,"title":"Introducing the Digital T-Shirt","duration":"3:00","description":"Check out the shirt that plugs into your iPhone and will display your texts and Tweets.","url":"/WNN/video/introducing-digital-shirt-17168891","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}