Invention Helps Cerebral Palsy Children Walk

A mother of a boy with Cerebral Palsy has invented a harness to help him walk.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Invention Helps Cerebral Palsy Children Walk
I -- right time now -- -- make that we're starting with the story that I was touched by for the for the mom whose son has through private. And it's very difficult for him to -- basically has to walk for him well she kinda mentioned it. Contraption. And that helps. Her walk for herself and her son is also experiencing things -- seeing you -- -- -- a damn -- -- her about 800 it's almost like -- to Hank almost identical to that but there's. This sandals are next to the parents -- and the kids. The -- didn't and -- face outward as opposed to inward and they feel this sense of actually walking and not only -- -- -- -- -- her own child she is now sitting on a grand scale that's going to be called the flock the fire by up. The it'll be available on April 7 the cost about 500 dollars but is now on the market if anybody can buy this. And -- experience when they sought to turn a great idea a wonderful idea and you think about looking good. Parents who have children live in that have cerebral palsy have to go through this anyway why not have the -- enjoy the time that there are walking and closed -- Having them turned around -- not facing outward. You can see it on their face this is also we've seen a bunch of interstate shutdowns were trucks overturned that something -- -- -- like. -- -- I don't you seem like teams contend that a bull runs down the road. What's happened in Shreveport Louisiana coordinate -- disaster and whose -- can all -- okay. They're the corn dogs and apparently according to the sheriff the 52 rules in place and a lot of locals and out there and I got themselves and corn -- Can blame hi everybody told couldn't. Many of that fact that they -- relishing the moment not want him here there -- more from her daughter. Are now on that very adorable video to -- even more adorable video check this out this is one of those David and Goliath story of the canine style so that little guy's name is Sadie the big guy is foxy lady has determined that this entire bowl of food is for. A lot of the happy can't have any addition and for our about it this go on for quite some time but in the end -- -- -- -- of the triple at -- apartment here. That -- yeah. While there will never be world peace does this so why should people not have a little guys sometimes you don't -- make things -- what it is you're right it. -- -- -- we can all get along exactly I don't even. -- mad something pretty infamous scene lost that -- to his friends apparently he was little loose with the ladies and the punishment they said. You get a Barbie tattoo on your. But. Or a McDonald's menu on your arm he often. -- -- -- -- He's here you know maybe it was brought -- not having the odds on the bond -- -- -- brought -- fifty to sixty years but it's my choice. McDonald's by the way says nope it is definitely not a publicity stunt but where obviously talk about a loyal customer that's good for. I haven't -- RB on the Barbie right there yes.

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{"id":23077992,"title":"Invention Helps Cerebral Palsy Children Walk","duration":"3:00","description":"A mother of a boy with Cerebral Palsy has invented a harness to help him walk.","url":"/WNN/video/invention-helps-cerebral-palsy-children-walk-23077992","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}