Iraq Getting Back to Normal

ABC's Nick Schifrin on the adjustment Iraqis are making to their everyday life.
3:38 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Iraq Getting Back to Normal
Now that the war has ended after nine long years and 800 billion dollars spent. Iraqis are starting to adjust to their new everyday lives are make sure friend follows up with an actor director he met a few years back he's now shooting -- seems never. Would have thought possible. US troops are gone and it's safe enough for -- -- all Margie to take his family to the park. He's an actor and a movie director but he never would have -- this -- a few years ago. We first met him in 2008. The country was just emerging from terrible sectarian violence. Most of the time he and his family stayed inside. An -- there is death on the streets he said back then. The worst thing is to have deficit daily part of life. Doctor my -- also -- death. In 2008. His neighborhood was infested with al-Qaeda. But he took an incredible risks he helped the Americans clean it up literally first trash in the IED's. Sources that this that those who have the security. It -- book but it says people stopped what seems to us against the titans and the bad guys. His personal courage is remarkable trade about it he works closely with us is a friend. More than anything really and this is doctor -- god today he is the right he's building the area's only hospital. Waiting room where the patient. His neighborhood is safe. Here -- he's on the -- when I see my if you put them back markets open schools open. On this big protests in my community. Bashir has come even further. In 2008 he had no work so -- drove a taxi to support his family today he drives a very different car. -- 1957. Oldsmobile is almost all original. It was once owned by Iraq's case then what if Saddam Hussein's sons. But despite this progress. -- -- is worried about the future. The coalition that leads the Iraqi Government is splitting apart leading to demonstrations. Just outside of Baghdad. But -- doesn't trust that the politicians -- overcome sectarian differences we have -- at a news. -- contained in the US should stay close he says in case things go badly doctor why god is also worried about Iraqi frustration. Separate that made him. Because hospital has -- on how. In Baghdad the majority lack basic services especially electricity. 90% use generators. This country is still shattered. In so many ways. The war is not only by and fight the war by building this -- by teaching the two cases. There's more. Difficult for Britain's government. As these two men show Iraq is much better off today in 2008. -- while the war is over the US its motto. For the people who still live here. Picture for an ABC news back. And that is the ultimate barometer for our success in Iraq you know what what exactly did we leave -- did we leave them better off -- -- -- -- still big question mark and I think it's interesting that one of them said. The US state close right. And that's the thing to be real -- end up back there but we -- if if the country coming collapses so. Lot of questions still remain out of Massachusetts -- -- hopeful yeah oh yeah.

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{"id":15211970,"title":"Iraq Getting Back to Normal","duration":"3:38","description":"ABC's Nick Schifrin on the adjustment Iraqis are making to their everyday life.","url":"/WNN/video/iraq-back-normal-15211970","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}