Iraq, Double Tornado and the News of the Week

Dr. Oz, World Cup and Benghazi mastermind made up the week's headlines.
2:53 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraq, Double Tornado and the News of the Week
-- all the -- finally here we're looking for some downtime after a pretty busy week -- news was a busy week dominated by destruction both by man and mother nature. Here's -- Friday -- right. When you have people murdering assassinate him. -- -- in these mass massacres. You have to stop that. And you do what you need to do if you need to try to stop but from the air otherwise we have done everything we couldn't help but is something -- Are you ready to take up arms its -- defend your city. We love and tornado on the ground and entertaining -- -- like that we've started here and everything ripped apart in the rain and Howard Griffith hard. Mean you're -- -- right now our special forces. Showing incredible courage and precision and we're able to capture an individual. Who tell. Well as -- alleged. Would you say that something is the miracle on ice still uncomfortable telling folks -- you can -- reputable version of it -- say this all the time. I don't -- -- and these are not the long term use. And start the nineteen that there could walk I walk one day right. It might want to build my boyfriend. Yes this injury -- and yes things hurt. But I'm why I'm so grateful to be alive. Every team wants so with a -- I don't win and we did. And we want to remind you got a special feature for fans. On her FaceBook page article in case you missed it we've compiled all the great moments in the week here on world news now check it out on her FaceBook page W and and fans dot -- we have some good news. For almost topping 500000. Chance that some the most loyal insomniacs out there. We thank you for watching. Also on Twitter hash -- WN and fancied entering latest on late happening in the show they would stay with us we'll -- a great weekend everything we can't plan and I'm hoping that -- throw World Cup party in Washington. And can you pull some strings and have -- -- I got the scoop as to what happening now we need you telling had a wild time this Catalanotto and I president. Let me look at part of that don't -- it flicks. I'm -- cameras showed on Monday. This is ABC's world news now informing insomnia.

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{"id":24226551,"title":"Iraq, Double Tornado and the News of the Week","duration":"2:53","description":"Dr. Oz, World Cup and Benghazi mastermind made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/iraq-double-tornado-news-week-24226551","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}