Israel Law Bans Skinny Models

Israel sets standards for models to have a minimum BMI and admit to "airbrushing."
2:55 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Israel Law Bans Skinny Models
Thanks so this is. A law that I can appreciate didn't Israel violate a little -- on their models there's a controversial new law that was passed. In March the models there they have to prove that they've maintained a GM Matt DM -- body mass index. But at least eighteen point five for three months prior to fashion -- And also woman who's five foot eight. Can -- -- less than a 119 pounds it also requires advertisers his. Who's seen out of model's body with -- -- -- to disclose -- that we've actually airbrushed. The debate here in this country as well -- -- -- -- -- -- if you didn't Photoshop and -- yeah that's right like dads who did not really gets of their look at all. Balance and heroin chic the -- so that's -- out of him a -- of Bozeman do wrong that I like it. This -- -- I can -- -- there's a new study out this is from the Daily Mail and they said that this generation. Current generation. He's -- shot and yeah. I don't think they distinguish between -- people who -- over 55 and those right now between. -- eighteen and 34 years old he said the younger folks now. Far more reluctant to give a couple of -- to builders or -- the post Mann act Christmas the less likely to say hello to neighbors are open the door. For the elderly compared to people who -- 55 years. That's our age bracket you think that there -- Ruder than. I did I try to be I think they young. Folks straight -- for our -- -- -- like 25 and under the title of the entitlement generation there's a sense of entitlement. He had a little reveals important -- is little question -- -- offensive what was -- -- they don't yet but I think that are perfectly kind. Did that happen -- -- if I had more -- it. -- -- -- -- and seemingly. Insignificant when -- I can't. So I -- class what -- out of plastic bottles all the time yeah yeah well don't go to congress rescues -- -- -- -- for. They're one of the first communities debate and the sale of single surgeon -- plastic water bottles the first event I'll just give -- little slap on the wrist wrapped. Second 25 dollar -- the third it. The fifty dollar -- -- going to be enforced by Concord health division but they say their campaign banned bottled claims that it takes seventeen million barrels of oil per year. To make all the plastic water bottles that are in -- in the US alone that's enough oil to -- one point three million cars. How Michael Perino I know she gets admitted as I can't -- by water -- so I guess the other waters that's okay. I cannot resolve not to be yeah. Also -- -- -- -- for Brazil putting their virginity on the auction block. This woman's is that -- -- auction off my virginity here because it helped my mama for medical bills policies controversial memo doesn't want her to do it and she rejected a -- -- from a local TV station is in the pool cover the bills. Just don't do what she still -- --

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{"id":18119799,"title":"Israel Law Bans Skinny Models","duration":"2:55","description":"Israel sets standards for models to have a minimum BMI and admit to \"airbrushing.\"","url":"/WNN/video/israel-law-bans-skinny-models-18119799","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}