Jaden Smith Denies Emancipation Rumors

Will Smith's son debunked rumors that he wanted to be an emancipated from his parents.
3:39 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Jaden Smith Denies Emancipation Rumors
Time for the -- and organist -- debunking a couple of rumors that we heard yesterday the first story is that date instead wants to be emancipated from his parents hasn't sounded fishy to me you spent yesterday in the super who are wealthy will Smith and -- opinions of why would you want a really cool -- they have. Have a great hey why would you want to -- that absolutely not so anyway that Tim and -- on Ellen -- -- this show and and -- and did exactly what we expected he debunk the rumors take a. Z just -- that they need to explain. Not going anywhere and. The -- that even though it is everything at his house he's free bird. Anything and everything now want to hear sounds -- I love being here river -- anymore -- -- He says d'souza have a movie -- negative one of his movies -- We really -- live at my house no more. But it weight room. Kind of admitted that he may have sparked some of these rumors by saying a couple of things but -- -- it was real and that kind of don't want to say even that he's just so proud of his skin that was kissing me want to get them in the mouth every once in awhile and get into that actually happens a lot. -- -- I love how proud proud he's left and louder than anybody as -- proud yeah absolutely letting gathered advance terrific they're terrific. Beyoncé getting a note to fans after missing that show and Belgium sparked all kinds of rumors that maybe she was sick of their pregnancy. She didn't go to airport after postponing that concert in Belgium on Tuesday -- posted the apology note. -- -- canceled the show due to dehydration and exhausted and that is according to the AP report. And she apologized she thanked her fans yeah feeling much better she didn't make any mention of those pregnancy rumors -- one way or the other. Let's stick with that we all -- Kelly Rowland admits that she was jealous. And she's penned by Israeli -- to -- you know what I mean it's human nature of your. Senator -- super super super stardom how could do not -- but anyway. Kelly Rowland pretty honest sent an angry new song that she is just put out and it's let's see it's called. Dirty laundry yes it to Seattle battled let's listen. Man -- here a little beat out there there's all kinds of the choice little words. Purchases -- get much -- much better since reuniting. You know for that Super Bowl halftime. Just confess the the time she was -- an abusive relationship. So she's dealing with the Indian beyoncé story in the super stardom she was also -- -- -- -- herself. It's time it's understandable -- really -- understands teenager like he has so let me get prevention Kanye West -- -- -- Kardashian carrying tiny west -- yes and then I haven't made a whole lot of friends of the press and otherwise Wendi Williams went on to watch what happens live with any Cohen and she asked. Weighed in on her opinion -- what's going to happen to this couple once the baby is lower and ticket that. -- It will not make it and what kind of mom will she date a single mom. How long do you -- them how long do you -- -- 32 of the babies born. So very how America thirty seconds after can guard -- and pops out that they. Kanye West so that the door -- Tonya. RI cables aren't openly about what Randy Williams you -- -- -- handles and he punches she lets it. Fly if she is as honest as they -- -- everyone's not -- she has a great way of being honest and somehow it doesn't sound as bad come out of her mouth and we said that we need -- -- Settlement it did it.

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{"id":19190986,"title":"Jaden Smith Denies Emancipation Rumors","duration":"3:39","description":"Will Smith's son debunked rumors that he wanted to be an emancipated from his parents.","url":"/WNN/video/jaden-smith-denies-emancipation-rumors-19190986","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}