James Gandolfini's Body Back in US

Funeral services for "The Sopranos" actor will be in NYC Thursday.
4:17 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for James Gandolfini's Body Back in US
All right starting up Steve little sobering news updating. James Gandolfini pass and waits and wonders hold on Wednesday well TMZ reporting that his body is actually returned from Rome where he suffered that heart attack on Wednesday and passed away apparently his body came into Newark Airport it 9 o'clock last night eastern time. And his body was flown in by a signature airlines from Rome. The plane touching got to get at 9 o'clock at Newark Airport in New Jersey his home state. We're told but his body's gonna go to a funeral -- and it will remain there until the funeral services. Which are set for this Thursday. We just -- story right Elliot and they noticed -- back and they did this just took just literally touches -- Nat you know and you -- so many stories over the weekend about -- she was doing well and he had a last meal here and he was talking a friend that he looked so and -- You know he was in good spirits and this and that and since such a sad story out -- around for his entire family to humans behind his son in a very -- maybe. OK so Paula dean just a little back story The National Enquirer lead to deposition last week where -- is somebody suing Paula -- and her brother four. And being a bunch of little things but the main thing one day she wouldn't she was accusing -- -- aviation using racial slurs like that and word and and pointing to mounted behind his back and then you know back in the 1960s and then yeah I did she admitted to using him and she said there was it. There's actually nothing wrong with what she did because that's that was back in the day and she issued an apology and she that's impossible anyway the Food Network -- -- -- anyway. Now her fans and taken to the Food Network website -- kind of voiced their outrage over the fact that she was dropped as you know she's she's been there for a long time and -- there. Better known -- that I mean she's she's hugely popular here is one of the many and in. Comments that were left on so it's this is interesting as a recipe for zucchini -- are all. And the comments that we're had nothing to do with that -- had everything to do with Paula -- being like -- and this is just one of the many comments everyone in this nation has used a racial comment at one time or another she grew up in the south why did this woman wait so long to even make an issue more money that's a question. So in light of this let's boycott every rapper singer writer actor actress that uses that word because they all -- -- that at one time or another. Told -- bunch of hypocrites. That's one woman's opinion there -- some people also support the food network's decision to to drop Paula -- -- That is so nuanced. I'm not technically that was how about the accident we'll have -- -- that plot out the burritos and chocolate chip cookies won't discuss it. Rihanna anyway you'll say she took its grip on Saturday evening in mind she yeah yeah I mean he had an accident apparently some. I watched Saturday I would -- She -- an -- of smoking pictures. Your feelings on marijuana she found some stations -- old man that -- some big old joint. Oh I don't know what's inside of them so much. You know it is an example and -- yeah -- Dicks said. I didn't sense -- kind of says that I. -- -- -- -- Game yeah. Two massive blasts -- -- items apparently this is not about president. You need Rihanna is to grim picture the cake in the shape of -- marijuana leaf at a candidate in celebration. 420. Should they go ahead when you're an -- and do it remember Amsterdam over the can't check -- Bill Murray had a big want to go to cattle Balkan human. I somebody out there remember everybody else -- Africa yeah. -- -- Do you remember Brett Quigley Jim Carrey is apparently in the new movie which is -- to -- -- -- would have never even heard out. It's called -- preaches that it -- on television I was told I could say it's cold kickass to. Why he's he says that he can't -- get behind this movie because he treated offense Wednesday did -- as a movie before sandy -- and now. In light enough -- can't -- I can't support the level of violence.

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{"id":19471698,"title":"James Gandolfini's Body Back in US","duration":"4:17","description":"Funeral services for \"The Sopranos\" actor will be in NYC Thursday.","url":"/WNN/video/james-gandolfinis-body-back-in-us-19471698","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}