James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook Detailing Shooting Plans

The notebook that is believed to have been written by Holmes was mailed to the University of Colorad
2:03 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook Detailing Shooting Plans
We begin this Thursday with -- a difficult new day in Aurora Colorado nearly a week after that deadly shooting Rampage police are dealing with fresh evidence that could points and missed clues and signals from the suspect. And family and friends of those killed are facing another day as saying goodbye ABC's to -- Bradley has the latest on the investigation. And the long line of funerals. This morning -- huge clue about the suspected shooter in the movie theater massacre sources tell ABC news James Holmes may have mailed to the University of Colorado the school he attended until dropping out last month. -- -- book detailing his plans to carry out the massacre. Fox News quotes a law enforcement source who says the notebook contains -- details about how homes planned to kill people. Including graphic illustrations of stick figure shooting and killing one another. In Denver yesterday the first memorial service for one of the twelve victims of the shooting. It was for 51 year old Gordon -- and who went to the -- -- movie with his teenage children they escaped unharmed he was killed. This -- and it was. Many of the law enforcement heroes from that tragic night pay tribute to the victims. We're all human. And we're all affected by this greatly. And this morning we're hearing from more of the victims and their families and you might be surprised by the compassion they're showing the shooter. -- appear so Ferrell he was shot three times but he says he for gives the suspect any doesn't want him to get the death penalty. He's just colossal right now and and I just I pray the lord and find his way and it was heartened. And change and surely why go lost her daughter Rebecca in the massacre and so thankful that he did not kill himself or be killed. I want him -- And Robin -- up three hospitals caring for the wounded are also showing compassion. They say they will limit or completely wipe out the victim's medical bills. That is such -- wonderful news -- ranks -- rally live in Washington.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"The notebook that is believed to have been written by Holmes was mailed to the University of Colorad","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"16859586","title":"James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook Detailing Shooting Plans","url":"/WNN/video/james-holmes-notebook-detailing-shooting-plans-16859586"}