Jennifer Aniston Opens Up on Her Engagement

Jennifer Aniston talks about her new engagement to talk show host Chelsea Handler.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Opens Up on Her Engagement
We're just gonna -- this. Don't want to skip -- what do we let it cool okay. I'm Jennifer Aniston really hasn't opened up to anybody's interrogation did just that there she's been dated for about a year and a half until. Last night and Chelsea Lately of course test Chelsea handler is live -- very that's -- the world. And she appeared on the show and got quite emotional talking about that engagement. When you are in Dayton -- -- -- -- -- -- You are happy because he's the greatest guy ever you guys make the greatest couple ever and I'm so happy for you -- Listening to be the flowers -- man. I'm happy for just a guide to savings at -- is on the most. Effortlessly sexy women just on the planet knows something about -- this incredible I think so she showed off her ten Karen reported its -- in Iraq and Indonesia almost as big as that -- you've got her -- bearing right. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't bury. Back pushing it really fascinating interview to to show. -- extra. Francona revealed some help things there have been reported before about who she actually. To whom she's actually related and louder uplift every double listen to -- -- -- -- there with -- saga about the latest -- take a listen. Where you really isn't. Sarah Palin -- The fact that. What is it that -- DNA then I think it's not his day with didn't waste somebody sent me this information that she was my business -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm guessing many -- is not -- conservative Republican just -- out haven't gone out only mayor that he's funny to Tom Hanks himself is actually a third cousin. For generations removed from. President Abraham. Lincoln so confusing label that little political links there but -- -- elements that fit their interest income of them were probably related as well I'm sure I'm sure elegance he's -- former house didn't get -- You took my mind I teletype historically -- and I know that I didn't say don't get one -- we can take sides are at the I was so. Fear and David Letterman show up late show he is bay and mate stated Paul -- is -- Reportedly leaving after thirty years -- the show he takes five million -- says that he. Would rather be napping at that time of night then hit stain out -- case and he says it happened. It may not be mutual according to New York Post. The feelings he says Letterman never actually visited -- before -- after the show he speaks to him. -- of five million a year. Sixty just as he he just wants to arrest but really has been loyal to throughout the whole throughout the switch from NBC to CBS in their wild yeah embarrassingly easy -- that kind of money but -- -- conference 12014 we'll see my gut. And real -- the Oscars made unconventional choice to lead Seth MacFarlane -- The Golden -- estimated equally unconventional choice do you have red -- Amy Poehler -- co host the show Sunday January 13. Guaranteed -- to hysterically funny when. Fact I'm -- don't blow yesterday when this.

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{"id":17487510,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Opens Up on Her Engagement","duration":"3:00","description":"Jennifer Aniston talks about her new engagement to talk show host Chelsea Handler.","url":"/WNN/video/jennifer-aniston-opens-engagement-17487510","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}