Skinny: Sexiest Woman of All Time

A former star on TV made the jump to films and landed top on this list.
3:23 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Sexiest Woman of All Time
Welcome back everybody time for this candy and then -- magazine has rated not councilman of the month the year than a decade but they say the hottest woman up all time and coming it and number one we had a good office. That discussion that is earlier. Jennifer Aniston apparently is -- at -- times I don't yeah -- away all time my opinion on the Jennifer Aniston fan I hasn't not had a terrific body especially for a woman in her 40s42. You don't absolutely fantastic but of all time. Although I think all time is as you Kenny managing our time -- -- subjective it. She -- out with the Raquel Welch Marilyn Monroe Britney Spears Madonna Bettie Page Pamela Anderson Jane Fonda. And they kind of said look funny is sexy Jennifer Aniston is funny just -- -- down to earth persona she does have a kind of girl next store -- -- Gorgeous in you know famous -- this kind of something like that. -- winner Angelina -- all the lives she was actually number -- -- ask -- herself who would you do you know what before she said. I would go for Bridget -- or Gloria Steinem the sushi said that Smart -- -- -- -- was humbling and I think she's extremely hot -- that's -- fugitives -- are -- -- -- -- -- multi and that's objectives the. Well Lamar Odom. Khloe Kardashian and husband has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks on Ronald -- de Los Angeles and -- rarely she's got to move she's been tweeting about it two and moved to Dallas Texas. -- I'm -- questioning what does that mean for the card -- -- empire and we know they have all of these you know television show zany reality shows. Now she's -- -- but apparently they were just about to undergo -- at half. I've yet -- as they wanna start -- running I think that this add the three sisters. This is -- -- -- seems to -- -- most real about about her relationship with her husband she loves -- we'll see -- about a trip down -- that out of state Texas. If you're now saying Oprah Winfrey's you know -- was slipping a little bit because one of the move shows that she produced none of this guy Nate -- who -- Got the -- the last employee and over sped off in -- -- episodes -- hair. In May and of course you know that are network as having some trouble ratings wise and so there's some things here. Yup you're wondering you know is is over losing -- touch a little bit but of course she still has Dr. -- not -- exactly blockbuster ratings and money so but Woolsey magnate. Is that it can easily won election I -- -- been a guest on the show and he is going to be just fine he's that he's still design areas of design company I'm sure that we'll see him on TV again. Now Lindsay Lohan unbelievable she's on vacation in Hawaii and she loses her 5000 dollars. Growth by about not -- Coco Chanel purse. In the first half surpassed 4101000. Dollars in cash. Tara grant -- -- mansion her probation paperwork now lucky for her she hasn't backed but the 101000 dollars systems tend to grant Porter that I just yet -- -- Problems but obviously not maybe you wanna that would Mitt Romney yeah. It. -- -- -- could very dangerous thing here how real quick here Barbara Streisand is almost had a suit deals arrow of the real housewives is -- into a private -- out LA. I'll Barbara's posted anything on YouTube arms lawyers all right on the posting take that thing down or I will send the message is very -- don't -- of -- -- message -- strive energy will come after yet she -- yes indeed help.

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{"id":15136165,"title":"Skinny: Sexiest Woman of All Time","duration":"3:23","description":"A former star on TV made the jump to films and landed top on this list.","url":"/WNN/video/jennifer-aniston-sexiest-woman-of-all-time-15136165","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}