Jimmy Kimmel To Host The Oscars

In addition to hosting the 89th annual Academy Awards, the late night comedian announced he and his wife are expecting a child.
4:39 | 12/06/16

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel To Host The Oscars
Some big ask a suspect is getting off day. Next February show will be hosted by our friend Jimmy Kimmel kudos to him good job as leveled by the way Campbell's going to be different. Get his first time hosting the show which honors the movies. Best and brightest. But he has big time awards show experience as you know he owes the Emmys twice he talked about the high profile gig on the show. Producers and the academy went through a long list of names and in and they decided that since summary right across street from where that you could fill. I was the closest person to hold so. We have to shake things up a little on the shaman in need you to help me with this year sure did we you know marijuana will be legal for recreational use in February I wonder. Maybe you can pass some of that out on the red carpet. And more than a shell and then we just see what happens my goal is to somehow get arrested during the hosting of the show. I'm I'm. Dribbles succeeds Chris Rock of the Oscars hosts. And the 89 edition of the Oscars is on Sunday average when he six threads here on ABC jury is monologue by the way Kimmel also announced that his wife is expecting. Their second child and I. It boy or girl. When that new arrival is expected is also a mystery but big congratulations Jimmy Kimmel and not everyday you an answer hosting the Oscars and that's not even your biggest and. I love value got to give them credit I like the applause all right the Internet went wild. As a Victoria's Secret angels were on the runway last night now we previous show last week when it was reported. In Paris more we have not seen yet it was model jasmine took in the night's vote fantasy bra. It's said to be worth the angry million dollars she says she sat completely still for three hours. While the designer to the mold that's then the girl was then made from that mold a custom fit through there you go to see get to take it home. I don't know about that one of them than anyone else threat but no remind I was sitting in a museums and get paid. At a three million dollar bribe them in a safe I hope that the problem means that some of the most famous female singers in the war over four on hand to revive VH one divas franchise. Last night's show deepest holiday Clinton silent night was recorded in Brooklyn her last Friday a group. So it was the first Davis special after afford your break right Carey performed the opening number. I shimmering version. All I want for Christmas is new. Still got it out. Then came so close that Patti LaBelle and shot but I'm joining forces on stage. Belting out Aretha Franklin's new makes me feel like I'm afterward. Head that was followed by Icahn. I'm every woman which turned into a bigger power signal. South but now. So we mentioned Chris Rock earlier. Well even without the Oscars he will be a busy man next your rock just announced his first full scale tour in nine years will begin in February. Brock is calling the whole thing his total blackout authorities promising fans all immaterial of the towards gonna get under way on Valentine's night February 14. In Durham, North Carolina tickets going on sale tomorrow. Andy it mummy franchise is coming back to theaters the last installment came eight years ago when the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor made more than. 400 million dollars of buckling up this isn't your Brendan Frazier mommy by the way the upcoming mummy film stars Tom Cruise and in the movie's first trailer we see him in an airplane. Which he crashes while carrying any Egyptian. Thing. There you prohibit this happens. To a new low. And most of. Wow that's what happens after you carry an Egyptian sarcophagus there yeah. Now that's the voice of Russell Crowe plays doctor Henry is Jacqueline in the movies. Like Chris is then anything that had to check in that in my money and. Every little harsh about them on mineral.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"In addition to hosting the 89th annual Academy Awards, the late night comedian announced he and his wife are expecting a child. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44002058","title":"Jimmy Kimmel To Host The Oscars ","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-host-oscars-44002058"}