Jimmy Kimmel Takes on New Time Slot

Jimmy Kimmel's new time slot was ushered in with Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt.
3:00 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel Takes on New Time Slot
-- good morning whale last. Big night for Jimmy Kimmel last nine into these overs new time slot 1130 here on ABC. So congratulations to him -- -- a new chapter in late night begins so we'll. Because he rationing enjoy the big move and -- had a great first show last night west of funny -- does that as his musical guests at one of my favorite Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston it was really like her how does something just effortlessly sexy about their friends and as this next that would prove fate is they had a very funny moment take a listen. Why would you do this to mine and that's. That the -- all. -- -- This was the new desk. How durable is -- Edison later this issue of metal haircuts who said he wanted Rachel cut from back -- her. So pig -- Jimmy had to put -- grass -- new time slot new era late night he didn't -- welcome -- -- -- your skating after what 1011 years on the air so he boom got the big Sola yes and having Jennifer on. Loves him. Couldn't get Garnett Sheehan you love her to speak and however Kim as many people know is pregnant then spoon. She's pregnant and with kind US and baby out of their baby and apparently -- unmarried couple -- happily unmarried couple. Is buying get this -- ten point 75. Million dollar mansion in Bel Air California. It's about 101000 square feet from -- and -- it's actually -- and make way for a 141000 square foot injury in a time -- and I think that 101000 square. Feet 43 peoples just like not big enough. So they can. A -- a movie theater hopeful hair and -- -- bowling Alley basketball court indoor and outdoor pool. All those things that you know you need. All bad that's. Better off just the basic story -- Kinnear. Kim yea she needed and you need that. -- what -- -- seen here we go away. Get bonuses plus -- -- girlfriends or wives should be a -- place for them to be also look no with a nice people here. -- we -- this is. Well yes yeah -- There ended his skin and I was getting yes Brooke Burke was on the morning America yesterday we don't want her to she's fine as well even more than five she's recovering well. From a thyroid -- you don't GMA on Tuesday fell 41 years old to the surgery back from December the six she has bounced back. Well she'll be back on that to with the stars -- show that she cohosts a means what to say we're happy to see -- looking good recovering well. And -- she was an hospital few weeks ago getting the surgery taking care she's making a great recovery so. We wanted to kind of extend our best -- -- perhaps Lindsay wishes he bulky for the. Mom you know the Alabama quarterback they OK we all know they beat Notre Dame lucky leave on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's the center of attention as opposed. To -- you know me and -- -- interestingly enough ESPN commentator must. Yeah we'll -- does is he really feels kind of drooling over his -- -- hands on origin. Outside a PetSmart had arranged the.

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{"id":18167538,"title":"Jimmy Kimmel Takes on New Time Slot","duration":"3:00","description":"Jimmy Kimmel's new time slot was ushered in with Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt.","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-takes-time-slot-18167538","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}