Joan Rivers' Daughter Tweets for the Holidays

Melissa Rivers used her late mother's Twitter account to mark the comedian's favorite holiday.
3:17 | 11/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joan Rivers' Daughter Tweets for the Holidays
Love it. All right family holidays like Thanksgiving that it must remember the loved ones who are no longer with us. That's true even if you're a celebrity and Melissa rivers used her mother's Twitter account yesterday. The senate a photo of her mom Joan Rivers and herself between says she finally figured out the accounts passport and wished fans. Happy Thanksgiving she then re tweeted the photo from her own account. Joan Rivers died in early September after a medical procedure. She wants and that Thanksgiving and was her absolute. Favorite time of the year from beautiful pictures there I love that picture right there and that is just spectacular. I do I think it's exactly gorgeous and Melissa looks like a teenager and that she always does he always says that youthful look about it lately it's. Well if you've ever wondered visa Polyone memorabilia and now might be your chance actor Burt Reynolds. Is selling off hundreds of his own personal belongings to drum up cash and what if that includes bandit got. It is being organized by Julie ends at a trendy palms casino in Las Vegas animal include such items. That's is 1998 Golden Globe for best of. Wow it is even selling not such a nostalgic items as this space fox signed by Mickey. So Reynolds said in a statement I've collected so many things that I truly a door but the stage in my life I find it very difficult to manage them own. The sale is set for December 11 and twelve and I know people are gonna say well I mean does need the money but. It seems like he's just doing it because he wants to do which I think is kind of normal because this iconic stuff that's look at Nevada Jack I remember that when I was kid and it's and it's nice to be able to. Have a piece of etiquette and so let's talk Melissa McCarthy she's well known for playing a funny woman on the big screen but now she's trying her hand at something completely different. Fashion this is incredible the Emmy award winning actress will be watching her own clothing line for women of all shapes and sizes. McCarthy told women's Wear daily I have experienced drastic me as a six a twelve and more and when you go above a size twelve. You don't lose your love of fashion eccentric who the actress is no stranger to the clothing design world however having moved to New York City. To attend a Fashion Institute of Technology before. Entering the entertainment industry so the lines going to be available in fall 2015. And it's expected to expand. In two accessories and beauty products but I didn't know she went up by TI know what I did not Ericsson is one of those kids I see run around 34 street the report. Well it's going. I don't celebrities levering Thanksgiving birthdays everyone from dozens celebrate Thanksgiving everyone from canceled it don't prejudge a social media share photos and messages. Thanks in honor of the holiday first person posting this about a murder cousin not instant excuse figure Kelly Clarkson and sharing is adorable photos. Of her daughter river rose so cute and over I get your fans an inside look at her Thanksgiving. The east. As she spent the day harder park in the kitchen love it even Plavix even go bear got into the action joking with his stands on Twitter writing. Having Thanksgiving this year I'm thankful that your family is so annoying you're checking Twitter instead of talking about how. Our right.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Melissa Rivers used her late mother's Twitter account to mark the comedian's favorite holiday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27231856","title":"Joan Rivers' Daughter Tweets for the Holidays","url":"/WNN/video/joan-rivers-daughter-tweets-holidays-27231856"}