John Muller Takes His Talent to the Subway

ABCNews' John Muller performs on the guitar in the subway.
2:54 | 05/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Muller Takes His Talent to the Subway
Story is a musical debut let's call it -- -- unplugged in the strangest -- the New York City Subway system. It's our favorite story of the day John how exactly -- jugular didn't I am. And -- asking myself the very same question I made a mistake upon -- talk couple times have more fun playing like apple -- like for like 1020 seconds. A lot of local Austria's producer said John -- out of the subway and there's something that -- feature report actually said okay and here's. -- AM on the platform at 66. Armed with a six string and a bucket seat in. It is -- subway debut. It becomes all -- -- We're getting -- I coffee -- New Yorkers to stop and listen. Much less break stride is all but impossible during the morning rush hour. If she's now ounces sting. You know -- challenge is there. Bonus is -- was grown -- and our own any ground or not the guitar cases open for loose change listening to the he used his spare change how about the Boston won five and how about a Boston anthem for the Big Apple in. All right these jaded New Yorkers -- Won't even chime in for sweet Caroline so much -- that come by -- moment. But at this point on three songs into my -- and I don't care I'm starting to get my -- As the expression goes I couldn't get arrested down -- July almost. Now that's great thank you offices. But I got three songs in an earned just over three bucks -- only vacant -- -- next big above ground. Maybe Carnegie Hall Madison Square Garden. Back already played Lincoln center at least underneath it. Our truth -- told the cops have a very nice they were like yeah apartment we like. Bold new -- they said you didn't know. You needed a permit -- on the course I didn't. -- -- -- They were very nice and they would they would my favorite right he looked the part bucket an all that was -- buckets from my garage do you know I didn't -- -- -- like you think I'm that out yeah. A a.

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{"id":19239589,"title":"John Muller Takes His Talent to the Subway","duration":"2:54","description":"ABCNews' John Muller performs on the guitar in the subway.","url":"/WNN/video/john-muller-takes-talent-subway-19239589","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}