John Muller's Favorite NYC Spots

ABC News' John Muller shows off his favorite parts of his hometown.
4:27 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for John Muller's Favorite NYC Spots
And hair city that they all this city that never sleeps it got done what every want -- college this city is home to more than eight point two million people to homer city right here. Announced that a few weeks -- -- here world news now the anchor -- so we'd like to. You know let you get to know what's a little bit better. Barbara Starr with where we're from -- -- bus routes including your New York yen this week we put on a tour -- hats and the united beauties from some little examples of things we love about this town this morning it is my turn. -- -- tomorrow so shall we get started they -- suspected links. One of my favorites. I don't know these are all and correct order the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is awesome what can say about it tonight -- he ever seen Ken burns' documentary on the Brooklyn Bridge to building -- -- -- one what's fascinating things in the world. Report -- work even invented. The modern wonders of the world to decide the history hot summer night the other in New York it's not like -- classic trophy figure -- walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Go to Ramallah his future on the Brooklyn side this is wonderful for something different to -- trees. And it's just one of my favorite things to do. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge -- bridge itself has like some -- you can read it it's just fantastic car number 200 what I -- Roland let me shoot videos. Said report right down the block from us we're heroes. -- -- -- -- it's reported that one up at ABC because I was that lived all -- this upper west side never. And this park is just an -- again on a summer day. When it pops like -- should have already right now it's -- it's just a magical magical place sheep's meadow which is right off from. Seventy between 66 and -- -- Second semi secretary entrance into the great -- to put down a blanket I suggest you read world news now I think by the way when it gets us crispy fried chicken -- -- the whole thing. Look at that you can look out of skyscrapers one of my favorite finally got back. The number seven train which is gonna take a little explain people who -- this every day. -- you know my -- why is this one of your favorite things let me tell you why two reasons. He is like. -- symbol of like. The immigrant experience. In America might have -- parents from Germany Scotland different places they settled in Queens into the -- tournament. And these these big generation you know meet new people coming on the seven train to Manhattan also if you take this seven -- queens. Every stop changes it's Irish it's India. -- Pakistan. It's Chinese it's just amazing you can go around the world on the number seven train and and in forty minutes to eat everything and and of course. -- -- -- The temple home of the New York Mets. That's my favorite team. Cynthia is right at the end of the seven lines and -- -- -- seven. That's a habit because it's a smelly sign in the -- messy most people think you know Mexico when your favorite things about New York's seven -- but it really. All right. Let's talk about restaurants they asked to pick favorite restaurant. How do you do that in New York there's about a million unsolicited myself what's one that it actually go to all the time on a regular basis I think -- he -- -- It's right down a block from from ABC here. There's a great place there's much locations with a one by Lincoln Center. I like to stroll down there they make this pomegranate. Just just who -- and leaving the city is the only drive so -- -- couple those -- walk -- -- ten feet tall handsome fresh guacamole -- oh my -- Oh my god somebody had a flat -- India Iran -- sent into a lot and the best I think -- in. Stuff this is -- blocked -- -- yeah this -- Once that Clinton. He's heavily by the -- enchiladas from my gosh I have to ticket that never had real pomegranate Margarita done and I. He's like my favorite little ones think they also just something that's like spicy drink you're telling me like with the Palestinians senator -- -- I never -- -- long way to again. Yeah well this is all -- do you think it's never got a chance policies because I know I was down and down talking something strange but -- got -- -- -- Cardinal industries to a basic question of the day we want to know what do you love about your hometown appreciate tell -- log on or FaceBook -- video and advanced dot com. To let us know and Diana you can add your favorite ski this week is that -- tomorrow coming -- -- can't -- elderly. Eleven the number seven I forget airline.

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{"id":18868170,"title":"John Muller's Favorite NYC Spots","duration":"4:27","description":"ABC News' John Muller shows off his favorite parts of his hometown.","url":"/WNN/video/john-muller-favorite-nyc-spots-18868170","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}