John Travolta Tweets an Apology for His Mispronunciation

John Travolta apologizes and praises Idina Menzel for mispronouncing her name at the Oscars.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for John Travolta Tweets an Apology for His Mispronunciation
Part time this leads some Oscar follow -- to tell you about and John Travolta is explaining his total butchering of -- and then -- name at the Oscars. First if you didn't see it you got the about it. Please welcome the which should be talented women only -- does he. Hunt but never did not happen they -- about it. From -- the had to say about the -- Didn't beating myself up all day then I thought what would indeed men themselves say she say let it go let -- go. Because on the say that a -- is incredibly talented and I'm so happy frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night but he really didn't explain what happened right. Exactly mean there's an added in the same letters between us -- hit and I heard until the united that a former. Deanna knows she did let go according to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- has more than 20000. Followers think I might be one of. You know I felt bad for her when this happened because her big moment in the name is -- but she's getting so much play out of this it's like you're right here is simple but along with absolutely I'll get right in other post Oscar news Jared -- Oscar already -- it. And let -- the -- are such an ad he says he was carrying it down the stairs and hit the -- playing. -- -- careful if you want one of those -- one of those sorties and had to be easy to get a good point well he's gonna keep it he says in the kitchen because it is the first place he goes. When he gets home Sunday at one ten an old school picture of Matthew Carnahan now making the rounds this morning it is from his high school prom after McConaughey is win for best actor -- -- in this photo was saying my aunt's high school prom date just won an Oscar can -- Matthew McConaughey head. We have to change all that and the lives. Next door there than. They don't call her -- the material girl for nothing check out Madonna at her post Oscar party. She's wearing get this 1000. Carats of diamonds wow what than those the last days of her wrist and -- -- says that doesn't even include the wings and the necklace. -- according to us weekly at Hathaway war with 100 carats of diamonds on the red carpet worth a million bucks so. Can even imagine what Madonna's ex has been so great that lose one right now exactly. -- speaking -- accessories are getting a close up look at Justin Bieber as many tattoos and this comes courtesy of none other than the Miami Beach police department pegged Percival had to tell shot highlighting beavers. Stunning fashion fashion sense of those short pants long -- what's going on -- McNabb will be says a lot religious themed -- apparently like this -- from the Bible. Friday also has pretty large -- of Jesus on his -- And from the serious to the silly the -- also has a. Joker tattoo on his arm and he has won -- is maybe it's good maybe it's just not finished. I don't -- now. -- -- -- that's for you know and I didn't really have been brought here. You can tell us where it now that I don't think to myself. The -- -- -- of cash tender it. Maybe there's always that many of these days if there wasn't something you need to see this next visual just might be that. Check out here -- at Paris Fashion Week this Chanel dress. Fifty intrastate -- -- optical illusion that an actual fashion statement and yes that is heard teeny tiny little waste. I was an exceptionally time -- is it is beyond that made me a hand on -- are speaking of optical illusions are celebrity birthdays they begin with magician Penn Jillette. He -- -- Actress Eva Mendez 39. Model Niki Taylor -- since they're not as well head actor sterling Knight is 25 years old today secret safe to law.

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{"id":22779565,"title":"John Travolta Tweets an Apology for His Mispronunciation","duration":"3:00","description":"John Travolta apologizes and praises Idina Menzel for mispronouncing her name at the Oscars.","url":"/WNN/video/john-travolta-tweets-apology-mispronunciation-22779565","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}