WNN Skinny 12-30-11

Michael Jordan gets engaged.
3:12 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny 12-30-11
And it's time for the -- -- Friday skinny well guess what. Michael Jordan these sports -- in an icon. Is in king. Lady had a market also market. Now he's 48 years old that's -- Michael with his Cuban American model. You bet idiot though they have been. Dating for three years she is being younger how she and her -- early thirties is my understanding -- they had been dating for. For several years you know he's been divorced from one need for quite some time -- -- -- -- 2006. And he has three children with. -- need to and -- it also has some most of his money. Which is not know we're trying to focus on on this we obviously -- in the best of luck tonight as well you know that's my son's love enough money on it hasn't. I'm sure he's not hurting for cash RI when he to have a lot of it not discouraged by -- most of -- external -- Kelly Clarkson the first American Idol winner. Which caused little bit of an awkward issue made a bit of a political endorsement she treated up is -- supporting Ron Paul now. She then said that she says I love Ron Paul I liked him a lot during the last Republican nomination and knowing gave him a chance well a lot of her fans have heard. Replied back saying. That they feel that he's racist that he's homophobic and basically are pushing back -- she said you know what. I I I respect that you have that kind of opinion if you don't wanna follow -- don't follow me but she's not backing down from this. Shields does she have a current that he was racist -- An hour or anything like that bottom line is there has been a lot of -- of that controversies I think when your public figure and you come out and make this sort. Sort of endorsement because -- your home this is the danger with clear these days because we do this kind of knee jerk reaction -- we just look at something we have to get up record -- -- and then we get the facts. But not too much -- net. Chip Kidd -- he's a rapper. Apparently there's a young -- his name is Bennett -- -- he made his sort of video farewell shortly before he died from a very serious. Heart condition and the rapper broke down after seeing the two part video posted on YouTube by by the eighteen year old fan out of Austin, Texas so he he died shortly after this but senate gave this -- lives and and this. If if if you get a moment go onto YouTube and and look this up because it -- and it's very emotional it's very touching and it is. It's just it's an amazing thing in for -- to do that and -- -- They show you how. Musicians and artists -- -- a lot of people really I mean a lot. Today and it may pay attention their fans. Zoe Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt saying what are you doing new years -- we've got the video equipment -- -- is it's a great little -- and it's obviously very appropriate time yes. -- That and that. And season just as saying. OK. -- -- -- Please do you want excuse me.

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{"id":15258524,"title":"WNN Skinny 12-30-11","duration":"3:12","description":"Michael Jordan gets engaged.","url":"/WNN/video/jordan-michael-engaged-basketball-celebrity-hollywood-15258524","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}