Jose Canseco Under Investigation for Alleged Assault

The former baseball slugger has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Las Vegas.
3:56 | 05/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jose Canseco Under Investigation for Alleged Assault
-- -- -- And this is not a good story to developing story we don't know the real story the facts are still coming in TMZ -- the source of the story. Jose Canseco now. Stranger to -- -- Gracie baseball great. Had so much controversy with steroids in this and that he's back on the news that he's back in the news because he's under investigation. In a Las Vegas assault of a woman sexual assault. Law enforcement tells TMZ -- -- 48 year old retired baseball player has been named as a suspect in a police report that was filed with the biggest. Metro police department the accuser appears to be a fitness instructor who lives in Vegas. This incident apparently went down on May tenth and Canseco actually -- -- his Twitter page and said certainly -- quote. Told police that I drugged her and then raped her -- find out what really happened so there's a developing story we'll -- you know since he said she said. But. This guy who -- and his twin brother to -- to do satin like appearance for him or something does have a twin brother who played ball so I'm not positive about that but when -- -- -- -- around us usually easy I would -- Not surprised OK Justin Bieber wants to buy into his house for our party really. Yes but if you happen to go down to even think about taking a picture and then sharing it on any form of social media okay. Will sue you for five million dollars. He's asking -- -- -- Anything really altogether. Finally -- that says you will not take pictures you will not tweet you will not instrument he will not share the pictures. Obviously with the press. Look and if you do all you will be sued for five million dollars in meals on to say that indeed all kind of funny activities can happen in his home. Including potentially hazardous things and you should not participate with them and the -- here medically stable so. Sounds like a fun time -- beavers house I tell you what. Against this guy game gets a lot of -- some of it may be justified some of that not let you know in his position you gotta do stuff like that let people just looking cash in make you look back. -- -- Yes then at nineteen I was about to say we'll only invite your trusted friends over -- I have a whole lot of the Adidas and held an -- if you. Right if you invite people over your house to see this you. You shouldn't really need to -- -- -- because you can trust them to begin with the right thing you know we how many how many. You know 150. Close friends do you how I mean this -- is having these house parties with all kinds of people. Kinda interesting though is at -- going to be a source that if somebody comes -- -- you got up her house party with god knows how many people coming into your home. One of these pictures and up on T and -- as they always do. Always do you think you're actually came -- -- eagerness to everybody you're not -- Yeah I -- all the problems are you rich and famous right -- Paris Hilton is. Back in the recording studio she is moved to Paris Hilton cool cool little -- -- the notched they're all now on this. Money family 32 year old heiress officially signing convert men's record labels will reportedly -- house music album this summer house music that -- like. -- a little bit of a stretch for. Cash money millionaires considering they're the hardcore -- she tweeted that she's got to work a little -- and she's all excited about it Salem new. We talk about ourselves the other -- I was saying what happened Paris Hilton she's been -- involved. Well now out. I presume we're talking about Lieberman's -- every week we haven't talked about so why can't write today by her first record Paris was released back in 2006. And posted some hits and. What we can't -- -- got fifteen seconds let's do what is -- -- story take a look at the invitation that she sent out for her baby shower mama Jenner and her two sisters are inviting that's a little. Music box went so -- look alike.

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{"id":19239457,"title":"Jose Canseco Under Investigation for Alleged Assault","duration":"3:56","description":"The former baseball slugger has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Las Vegas.","url":"/WNN/video/jose-canseco-investigation-alleged-assault-19239457","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}