Joy Behar to Leave 'The View'

Joy Behar is leaving "The View" after 16 years.
4:05 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Joy Behar to Leave 'The View'
Our time the skinny. Joy -- yes and leave the -- This is amazing yeah. It's the kind of an error -- -- annually -- -- -- they'd already had this kind of cool gig when they want to. How about numbers do not -- and -- that man's view or something and it was a total. I think you're -- but do we care and usually she's leaving after sixteen yeah. It's amazing that the -- Been around that long it seems like it was obvious enemy anyway pass but doubt she's fighting to exit the show -- a contract ends in August fences that is the right time and she says. -- -- -- what -- -- -- don't wanna keep doing this the wrong things on my plate up and running play in the neglecting my stand up he has. This is the right time and she. Really credit Barbara Walters of making it's it's a great ride for her and keep. And she was Smart home you know what it's usually -- -- didn't show and she's one of the funny ones on there -- yeah it's going to be that tough shoes to fill if you ask me absolutely. A game and Justin Bieber that. -- -- and get and we always like to talk to -- so a couple of things happened didn't -- just about had even had. Any kind of culminated today he collapsed on stage during one of his shows in London nineteen year old apparently feeling better because he instant and a picture of himself shirtless as usual. Say he treated out that he's feeling better thanks to everyone for the he's apparently listening to Janis Joplin -- -- -- -- armament of it. Is one of the things that happened today he's feeling better for all -- it beat her fans out there another thing that happened today is one of his friends guy by the name of Lil twist. Apparently court that's him apparently crashed his ultra expensive car the -- -- karma. This is just the second time this kid has -- one -- Justin Bieber is -- classical in the Ferrari and not only did he crashed the car. He's flat fifteen heat and eat all nobody was hurt -- and since then he went outside -- liquor store he didn't act. These policies get a little -- just. -- -- -- Kelly Osborne -- to the hospital after she had a seizure. It doesn't go according to New York Daily News she was rushed to a hospital after a sudden seizure while filming an episode of e.'s fashion police apparently this half month Thursday I think that the -- -- -- on the stretch -- Is that right I think you should see him shooting fashion police -- -- -- inside the she painted on that -- -- take into the hospital for testing apparently awake alert and in stable condition. And she stayed overnight for observation the cautionary measure the public -- -- -- to the daily news her condition that she's doing okay. Hey you know someone is it would during our meeting this morning someone says she's lost a lot of weight room and Amy you know that hasn't utility might be -- -- evening I'm Manny get week. -- lighting making the teams he's a picture moving on to Demi Moore and Ashton -- these two have been had it for awhile they he'd cheated on -- there were reports that they separated another getting a divorce. Well the very very wealthy actress Demi Moore is apparently asking for -- -- -- front Ashton could -- Who do not you think about it she's worth -- -- anymore than he as she's been at this for decades longer than he lives. You know and it's it's just probably the kind of thing that it's it's one of those wanting to get back. His OK LA each -- you know he cheated on her and he's -- Don rather quickly he's now -- your yes. You know from back in the -- they they were -- -- ho who co stars of that seven he shouts out it's one of the. All this does is make lawyers rich yeah aliens than they did they felt they can agree on one thing they were irreconcilable differences as why they are breaking. You recommend to Ricky Harrington style mall is a different the hangover part three yeah I didn't see part of that blood part one's to easy part of it. It's the exact same things have happened in Thailand and -- but it isn't fun like word for word and it's not as good as part one. -- -- -- -- -- -- We've been on of adventures together but it seems that you haven't learned anything. All right -- or part during the back in the back in the legacy in the back and bass boat ice.

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{"id":18681821,"title":"Joy Behar to Leave 'The View'","duration":"4:05","description":"Joy Behar is leaving \"The View\" after 16 years.","url":"/WNN/video/joy-behar-leave-view-18681821","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}