Joy Behar's Last Day on 'The View'

The last member of the original lineup makes today her last day on the daytime chat fest.
3:20 | 08/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joy Behar's Last Day on 'The View'
Welcome to hit everybody and we started our standing with someone last day Joy -- and last day on the view into the Saturday. She's been on since the very first season way back in 1997 she looks amazing at seventy she says she just wants to do. Something else doesn't want to be tied to the daily schedule -- the talk show. She's been in talks apparently with CNN chief Jeff suffer about possibilities there since I don't want to do just one thing. Which is trying to say she wants to take some time to enjoy the other views of the world champ went so we want it we have -- -- -- -- here for you we couldn't find the very first day that she arrived on the view -- the very first -- the view aired that there she is back in 1997 the first season and that. She looks incredible. She's a writer and -- comedian and she's always kind of been like the Jokester. Of the crew. So. We'll have to see who. To -- her big shoes when she's not no doubt it but like. Yeah totally -- looks great sounds great I think she still has quite a future ahead of -- No doubt but Justin Bieber he might have gotten involved. It's always is out of the -- Hampton seven -- long -- at a club fight take a look at this video this comes courtesy of it's pretty heated the police are investigating this have a lot on it but. Beavers bodyguards described as intimidating and overbearing by those that -- south point nightclub you look I'll read. Apparently is over alleged assault in the early hours Sunday morning. And now sources. Telling the daily news that a nineteen year old wearing sunglasses a backwards had a ride to the south have to club pick up girls. And didn't leave -- be handed to cocktail waitress went back to beavers hotel waitresses that is and there was trouble. Men believed to be in his twenties told police that he was attacked by -- security detail and is considering suing so it's under investigation cost just spent. So take a look at the video looks like he's charging somebody and then the next minute video with somebody on the -- -- So it's hard to tell because it cut its hard to tell what's really going on but obviously it -- -- backwards hat and sunglasses -- Justin Bieber. There he is looks like he's about to confront somebody in that little Red Hat in his little being head on his little being body. Still and so the -- History it may be facing charges at least police are investigating -- they I think when you have security detail it's easy to be it from me yeah -- -- you're surrounded by -- -- just think. You go back I want -- -- with so many guys who would stand behind people holding -- holding -- not only I'm not just say yeah. And then he added that that's just -- of a woman. -- -- -- I've been up big especially -- -- what its security detail you'd songs aren't. You see that okay. Beyoncé and her new -- -- -- out OK it's out she. That pop up a couple of pitchers on ends -- Graham and instantaneously. Fans around the world. 200 spear everything -- social media and every television station across the country. Went into a Tizzy because she -- still cut her hair but really what have been -- -- -- we about. And we don't know -- Yes absolutely.

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{"id":19912591,"title":"Joy Behar's Last Day on 'The View'","duration":"3:20","description":"The last member of the original lineup makes today her last day on the daytime chat fest.","url":"/WNN/video/joy-behars-day-view-19912591","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}