'Joyful Noise': Review

World News Now's Jayce Henderson reviews the Dolly Parton-Queen Latifah comedy.
2:50 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Joyful Noise': Review
Well -- -- puzzle segment on. Friday we told you about the new. We out -- -- -- small noises and musical comedy starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. Yeah and we just for talking about her age sixty -- yes looks amazing doesn't she will Wii -- resident Leonard. And critics product and -- one of our -- our digital news associated with Alvin DNA is Jason Anderson's -- over the weekend he joins us now in this woman getting good reviews. Publicly I don't know what do you think about it. Now it was Brian Smith right now only has rated at 36% involved address -- later golfers ask you guys are you guys -- ends. I've never seen him so the glare really makes me and who will -- it's easy for me laugh at -- cheesy than I've I recommend staying home not seeing this movie because I really think that this movie is pretty much like -- the only difference is that it's about church choir. And there's definitely a -- of Dolly throwing incidents -- -- what's really crazy funny about that's is that -- you know she basically plays -- mirror image of her salt. And she she tries to break the traditional mold the gospel choir singing which the -- rose hill played by Queen Latifah. Is that really too happy about -- in let's just say via wants to keep things a little conservative in the name of god. And GG played by Dolly wants to modernize things a little bit let's just a little bit of glitz that -- you -- -- their church choir group all the way to national finals. With quite a performance that almost had me -- my weekends and let's see if any others were -- -- It's a real feel good you. Smith -- bailout Bill Clinton and I was hoping that -- delivered countless -- giving up. It's very powerful. It was the best thirteen dollars and fifteen -- I have -- -- -- but -- I don't recognize the. It happens and that he knew he was cute. I mean he's funny somebody -- -- -- -- -- like movie. What it did you like bed the music. Greek dancing yeah. Talking they'll look yeah. -- take that as a no. But lets you know it really surprising about this -- is that it is getting such harsh critical reviews. But I think you know we have to give -- a little -- benefit of the doubt I was pretty much easier on an idea three and a half stars out of five people in -- yeah did. Inferred I did -- to save the music inspiration behind it is it's a really -- elegant film and you just have to go into it without expecting a lot this Eleanor how -- Be open minded and enjoy music is on holidays you know how to console and a big bucket of popcorn in six innings yeah.

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{"id":15369513,"title":"'Joyful Noise': Review","duration":"2:50","description":"World News Now's Jayce Henderson reviews the Dolly Parton-Queen Latifah comedy.","url":"/WNN/video/joyful-noise-movie-review-15369513","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}