Skinny: Hot Hair in 2011

Which celebrities had the most influential hair of 2011?
3:23 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Hot Hair in 2011
The dish the dirt on all the celebrities in the world and -- -- important and other entertainment of them this first line and coming about Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Lot of people than they might be a bit of an odd couple. Colorful to say the -- yes. And there's always been rumors that might be a little tension in the marriage now apparently there could be some truth to that because apparently had a very big fight right before Christmas. They were all got to go over to Russell brand's hometown. -- over in Britain. They had a massive fight Katie said you know forget -- -- go to Hawaii with my friends Russell apparently went to a pub that's how you -- and his Christmas a lot of people do. If that -- and so who -- we'll have to wait and see if this was gonna play out. But it's I mean she gets to go to Hawaii and then he -- in a -- through I think she wanted to play. We cannot inherit I -- know our current us president that depends on the family -- she won that one. Hello also talking about -- couple Steven Tyler we know him -- course Aerosmith and also now American Idol fame got it changes -- his girlfriend Erin Brady the problem it. His family his -- -- She's -- 63 she's 38. That they have been a fine -- relationship they started dating in 2006. We don't know which -- members are upset but a source tells us. That this woman Erin Brady has just been -- to the family and they have deemed her just not men who they don't like a little well. Protective of Steven Tyler what I -- I think that you can handle himself ranks of city 63 writing. He's he's got a few lessons under this bill yes I think we don't know how to say -- with Janet Jackson's not exactly on the Christmas card list. -- FBS they named her grinch of 2011 and here's why because she's been affiliated. With a -- fashion company called -- alama. They basically said that you know -- Janet and they even made reference to remember the infamous wardrobe malfunction and yes vote. They said that the flesh that was exposed there was at least natural involuntary. As opposed to reverse that she wears now so everything you know blow. A little below I mean it's a message that's gonna stick and -- I wouldn't necessarily hold -- for for. -- -- It very well how out who -- the most influential care 2000 -- You've got good hair were thinking that -- hair and molecular most of its real happy that he won't. Kelly apparently it was a beautiful -- -- -- what Justin Bieber and Emma Watson has the most influential hair. Without and other. And I imagine it was going to be but Justin -- and we we know the -- to people loved his old frontal do I was sort of surprised about Emma Watson but maybe it's that little pixie she got the -- here's the thing. I think I did a very deep analysis on this usually have a long curly hair yet now and that she's got the pixie -- I think what's -- fascinating is that -- can -- an awful long and short a lot of -- that's a very -- -- -- too much of it doesn't that legitimate fits very legitimate all right and finally who would you like to have as your neighbor. Zillow resurgent something for celebrities -- who and what America would like to have as their next door neighbor -- it was the top Tim Tebow. OK I would put him as number one as the best person to have as -- next door neighbor also Polyone that well they don't want Charlie Sheen Lindsay low -- And Kim -- -- did you get invited to good hearted if you're next on where things are evident boring night you now that you've got something to do.

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{"id":15251507,"title":"Skinny: Hot Hair in 2011","duration":"3:23","description":"Which celebrities had the most influential hair of 2011?","url":"/WNN/video/justin-beiber-hair-celebrity-hollywood-15251507","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}