Justin Bieber Fan Storms Stage in Dubai

The 19-year-old and his piano were toppled over as a man rushed the stage.
4:00 | 05/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Fan Storms Stage in Dubai
Stuck in this game right now Justin Bieber he's been making the skinny a lot lately this one's a little scary you know it's not the one being not yet this the one he's now the -- being -- exactly. Before we roll the video set it up he's on show -- -- why he's on stage in the by. And a -- rushes to stage right when he's close to the piano they -- they have to tackle on the not the security quickly rushed out and they hauled off the attacker of the piano they saw it tipped over and according to reports people continue to -- -- Nothing happening -- -- he's -- cool cucumber. He certainly to make a lot of headlines of late but clearly you gotta feel bad for the guy when he's trying to perform and you got somebody rushing the stage but. Anyway -- he's okay. That would have given him a shot at them yet throwing stones -- -- -- slash ticket prices to fill up its consumer asking like Catherine. You -- yeah they are asking for too much about it in North America. And fifty and counting tour marks fifty years. Different sounds and music scene at London's marquee club back in 1962. To seven days ago they said they had -- they're -- slashed ticket prices. Thousands of premium seats in order to avoid that -- to happen to think this is -- concert. And LA on Friday the opening of the -- the Staples Center. He had Gwen -- up there singing wild horses with them where her room stones T shirt bag. -- -- -- You know 6971000. -- -- ranch Cate Blanchett says there. Possibly skinny and Kansas. Possibly skinny -- -- Mick Jagger has never been skinny unbelievable they say they -- all jealous of The Rolling -- I don't know how to do it from a Saudi. You not tell us -- you wanna -- nets don't it was a nice spying for my teacher -- -- -- -- about exactly gaseous -- teacher. I let's talk about the hangover star. Zach Galifianakis like on SNL and this was really really cold. He not only was on us now -- Brothers. I had all the bodies along Bradley Cooper Ed Helms and they -- seven. Some schools -- Jennifer Aniston -- concert ticket -- contest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Movie you can always town on the news and friends -- guys it's. That's what friends -- And by the way -- a teleprompter operator Katie tonight is that it is in love with what stance someone's name against. -- Bradley Cooper yes so what do you parents I just not a Steve Torre. He got off good moments -- up when yeah. I have -- from Miley Cyrus. Number one -- -- hot 100 -- one. Now this was actually released time Miley -- earlier than it was supposed to be coming out she's stolen -- crown. Some Israelis supermodel bar -- -- She is that she's twenty years old Miley Cyrus she tour we did it and -- she said didn't know this is coming out yet. I'm so happy to be number one on maxim hot 100. She also sent out an instant Graham photo which was like a preview of the spread in maxim she says. It's dedicated to all her fans thank you for -- -- number one that maximum of 100. -- for steamy spread to Steve 4 -- kind of talked about. Kate and William's baby boy girl -- -- guess. You know what she did it slipped. Earlier and she had like it was -- a girl girl on I'm wondering only got to -- latest weighing in prince Harry's been glad man -- power. Currently he's been planning and it's going to be a bois -- to be soft on Fox News me.

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{"id":19116828,"title":"Justin Bieber Fan Storms Stage in Dubai","duration":"4:00","description":"The 19-year-old and his piano were toppled over as a man rushed the stage.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-attacked-onstage-dubai-19116828","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}