Justin Timberlake Meets Teen Brain Surgery Survivor

The singer stopped his press tour to take a photo with 13-year-old Giana DiLascio.
3:23 | 08/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Timberlake Meets Teen Brain Surgery Survivor
Are they just neighbors on a massive media tour right now he stopped dead in his tracks he was in New York City he was rushing into a live radio show this happened on Tuesday. And there was of mom there by the name that Tina deal Lazio and she stopped and just talk about her daughter's and my daughter -- She just went through major. I'm sorry Justin Timberlake. And apologize how -- And I got it doesn't think it's just sing -- like my party and so this mom is telling him about how her daughter went through brain surgery and how she's recovering now she's make -- wish to child while he said he wanted to meet hers is broader and there's a picture. She asked if she could take a -- told him that he was going to be the next Michael Jackson he bowed and said thank you. Any that I only take this picture -- promise to making your screen saver. And as you can imagine this is -- screen -- have it. Person's good mustn't yeah. It's only -- -- -- I mean you're like totally into him and I was like I -- doesn't know I love. When you can sounds great everything you've got such as flight upset at myself -- I confused just intimately just in the interview that I feel about -- -- -- Tabitha and Justin fan and I had been just I had been there forever. All right Jessica Simpson mother for the second time on June 30 came out with a picture it was in the cover of us weekly check it out she's smiling -- she -- a two month old. And his name is east news -- her arms around sixteen month old daughter Maxwell as well I just -- read this quote because I -- similar moves -- I can't. This -- pregnant women and -- a lot of weight I have really big -- -- curves and even trying as hard as they did with -- so I still rules she's talking about her struggles. To -- -- -- but I think she looks great. -- -- -- Here's an interesting news about an old. Friends cast member Lisa Kudrow was apparently joining the cast now. DC drama -- dog there you -- it. She will have a recurring role as an ABC series and upcoming third season of the shout. And indeed tell her parents are being kept under wraps but sources who told ABC news exclusive -- That she'll be playing a politician. There you have this -- -- write this our first -- regional huge draw. After friends so we'll have to see -- this is all about I'm interested to see her. In a different -- -- the kind of quirky yeah. -- -- -- -- I should I this -- comes courtesy of the New York Post page six KB home security team worried about Scientologist still Katie Holmes. Security guards are concerned that Scientologist of spying on her and her daughter -- a year after her divorce from Tom Cruise the net loss apparently the -- bodyguards and quizzing the paparazzi to make sure they aren't members of the controversial church. That -- belonged to for six years during her marriage to cruise last year TMC reported that the mother and daughter were being followed by mysterious vehicles shortly after that's. So here's my point on this story last year with CNBC reporting a twenty magazines do you know the story fully do not know sources tell them sources don't tell -- it's DNC. This time saying we're hearing that -- security guards are the ones that her security guards on the West Bank that they might be being followed by -- -- church of Scientology's that makes me a little more scared and I heard last year this yeah legit. Yeah -- know why the church following her if they are fed Alan and they are that's quite creepy. We weren't motor and -- -- willing.

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{"id":20105785,"title":"Justin Timberlake Meets Teen Brain Surgery Survivor","duration":"3:23","description":"The singer stopped his press tour to take a photo with 13-year-old Giana DiLascio.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-timberlake-meets-teen-brain-surgery-survivor-20105785","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}