Kanye Surprises Kim With Birthday Proposal

Fireworks and a 15-carat ring accompanied a proposal from the rapper to the reality TV star.
3:48 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Kanye Surprises Kim With Birthday Proposal
This just in we have breaking news reporter -- getting. Breaking news to report. Not just a few hours ago I cannot wait for your time what that -- contact proposes. Him to sell off my seats and I'll just go right to the good stuff I got this little tidbit from. That looked like living a bowling ball on top of -- that at that but anyway this happened just a few hours ago we -- a big party for Kim's birthday was in. The park where the San Francisco Giants baseball team plays he rented it out -- orchestra fireworks is according to. And that he popped the question family friends they were all there must have been questioned -- She got fifteen carat -- so we don't know when the date set but there you -- military -- their official. The current cash and that everyone involved with them they don't do anything quietly no they don't see us -- works. -- -- keeping up with art bashing and argue about keeping up with the Jones is that the card -- she ends today. The ring is made by some kind of fancy -- -- also made beyoncé and Jay -- ranked. Would be and agencies during his twenty -- Stop trying to five -- short and -- goodness -- more -- the most. Hey he's not daisy rain today and -- -- them. Another big one senior C lo green charged right now it's it's a breaking story as well and a bit of -- -- he was charged yesterday but Asi lo green is name's Thomas to Carlo Callaway is famous for that song he's famous for being on the -- -- a judge. And he is charged with one felony count of furnishing a controlled substance of the case apparently they say. They allege that he slipped the woman Ecstasy while he was out at a restaurant in July he went back to hotel room stuff happened there that was. Enough evidence to say that there was any kind of rape of forced sex. But that does seem to be enough evidence to charge him with slipping her Ecstasy presumably without her knowing so he'll face those charges that's -- -- That's Dancing With The Stars the big news of the -- is who was eliminated on dancing with the stock learned you don't even have to play here is because the answer -- No real and absolutely need somebody an official from the show treated out of there -- some technical difficulties and because look back. I'm having major problems with the voting polls last week. Everybody gets to -- to dance another. So there you according to tell mom does he said. -- last week's -- have all been discarded and the judges. And the scores from last night will continue over into next week. Elizabeth -- an amber Riley both got a 32 they were the top of the bunch. Everybody came in between yeah we have. Marvin Lewis 27 and billing but with twenty alone so there you have it and very came down to Jack Osborne and no angle so they may have a lot of things -- -- Just -- this comes courtesy or read it Arnold Schwarzenegger promoting a new movie the movie is called escape plan is gonna hit theaters. Had actually it -- yesterday and he's -- when he makes these rounds and he goes on all these interviews shows everybody's saying Arnold give us a famous line give us when he lines -- he says he's finally done fighting -- -- during the promotion of this movie finally said let me just. Get all my lines out of the likes my fans drive me nuts listening. It's not -- to puma. Oh we see there we. Want to -- going to do all -- you. -- -- -- So credit scoring that one and yeah but your favorite Arnold do you have one. I'll I'll be back at that is due not a it'll work pretty good is -- -- area I have to admit that there's absolutely no question my mind. Funny when you get there about -- happy Wednesday and -- Milwaukee 26 million Muslim group.

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{"id":20642392,"title":"Kanye Surprises Kim With Birthday Proposal","duration":"3:48","description":"Fireworks and a 15-carat ring accompanied a proposal from the rapper to the reality TV star.","url":"/WNN/video/kanye-surprises-kim-birthday-proposal-20642392","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}