Kate Upton's Zero-G Bikini Shoot

Last year's cover model does a photo spread in a zero-gravity airplane.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Upton's Zero-G Bikini Shoot
Price gains by now Kate Upton fans know she did not make the cover this -- Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Not to -- developed and is making history appearing on the back cover up first in the magazine's fifty year history. And for reasons that probably seem obvious she has defied the laws of gravity literally -- from inside a zero gravity plane. -- the usual outfit would be -- -- to Joseph flight suit that covers are worried saying but this -- up and we're talking about here. She she worked -- just -- and that gold teeny bikinis. It did in mine owner thinks that she actually it does looks strangely sexier like in that setting that she would like she's -- on a decent way -- right leg and I guess maybe just in the background is not expecting. That but she looks incredible and it's just that it's Kate Upton so where -- -- -- carrots just like the hottest thing you've ever seen us we'll. -- -- By President Obama he just had three. Mega Hollywood stars over for movie night at the White House and George Clooney Matt Damon and Bill -- were among the guests invited to a private White House screening of their new film monuments men. The movie tells the story of a special police chief to platoon of World War II soldiers ordered to -- masterpieces and other treasured art. Stolen by Nazi and a Clooney is a big Obama supporter he also co wrote and produced the film I must have been a fumbled and right can you imagine how cool that Murray can -- -- and a month now. Part Oprah Winfrey I have producers they are revealing just what they've been up against and making their new reality TV series with Lindsay Lohan. They own network. Reportedly paid -- actress two million dollars a star in the series that focuses on her struggle. To rebuild her life and career after years of substance abuse and forceful legal troubles. And there was serious clip released to critics -- is heard saying she was warned that -- had would be difficult in another. She feelings that Lohan refuses to take part in -- scheduled filming. Now the show's producers say they struggled with the young stars frequent cancellations and lack of cooperation. Lindsay debuts on March 9 but you have to think they probably knew what they're getting themselves into and -- probably wine and some of these constable Francis it right. Morse complex -- -- you know they do -- show on somebody who's. Basically famous for melting down -- -- -- -- sector -- -- -- people are gonna tune didn't exactly -- -- -- -- -- -- own show isn't disturbing enough. This next item just like. What he'd get when you combine Kraft macaroni and cheese the teenage mutant ninja turtles. And Vanilla Ice. As a whole lot of cheesy shrimp -- latest incarnation of its -- dinner features the rapper stocking she ever read directing his famous cut. -- -- -- -- And then dean reveal other. It must see mom bullying to penalize you grow Paul is -- -- ally since 1991. Teenage. Mutant ninja turtle -- Some things are just better left in the ninety's I think satellites is --

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{"id":22576293,"title":"Kate Upton's Zero-G Bikini Shoot","duration":"3:00","description":"Last year's cover model does a photo spread in a zero-gravity airplane.","url":"/WNN/video/kate-uptons-weightless-sports-illustrated-shoot-22576293","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}