Kathy Griffin Gets to Talking

Bravo honors one of its own with her very own talk show.
3:22 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Kathy Griffin Gets to Talking
So just a couple of days ago the -- walking around with top heels of last weekend. Given birth to a baby she's a mom loves -- telling pregnant women role that's hip I worry that it might -- -- They had a little girl yeah -- -- blue IV. -- where they come up with -- Royal Ivey. Blueprint heavily was an energy sees albums Rattay -- -- IV think of the Roman numeral IV is -- -- okay. And four is the date that both of them were born out of their respective months it is the name of her last album so blue -- it is. I'd be blue no it's actually -- IV who have IC was changed initially was either blue -- blue IB but -- -- She had to -- Syrian at Lenox hill hospital here and in the Manhattan area as they rented the fourth floor for one point three million dollars allied to -- severe precautions to make sure that nobody got pictures so they had some of the employees turn -- their cellphones they covered security cameras. But because of the increased security. -- -- -- dead dead no other. President at the hospital this what does their hospital there's that want to see his his prematurely born yeah. That was why -- either secure security said he said -- three times they -- -- -- -- -- -- city -- Nikki which is that -- made of intent. Intensive care unit -- happen once on Friday how he was not happy with theirs with her body guards. Mean the -- I mean I know this is like most things -- on the planet I get capital everywhere every new parent wants to be near their kid and then all that's what it's about -- but some parents love it. Little blue -- is now in the world will lighten that. When child is going to happen for -- so congrats hazy and the -- they -- that. -- -- -- -- in the Katy Perry is making some news this morning to -- in her divorce has been all over the pending divorce and all over the meeting -- -- she went on Twitter on Saturday. -- -- -- -- Quote concerning the gossip I want to be clear that no one speaks for me not a blog magazine. Close sources or even my family and apparently there's a mission to their parents they're very very. Religious may actually call the divorce. A blessing from god so that may not have. Sat well with -- Perry are what had she expressed gratitude to her fans but Jesus saying look don't leave everything that's out there only believe what. I'd say so she's taken little shop pot shot at the media. You Kathy Griffin -- they can be and I think -- should think that's what I think she can be funny -- it won't make -- to an end to -- this spring they're going to actually gonna debut her new talk show. Look at that dad will lead -- she's going to edit a feature ransacked potter standup -- celebrity interviews that -- segments but enough about that I got here -- story. Nuts are here's -- threats -- on the -- showed last what are Chaz Bono of course Dancing With The Stars claim he is now saving his money. Because he wants to buy happiness and -- over -- doctor overseas to complete his transformation from woman to man. He struggled brother when his fiance 42 years old so he's going in for gender reassignment surgery. And it's not a pill without a doctor in Belgrade we want to perform the surgery to get all of his. -- parts in place so. He's known for the whole package. This I didn't think I mean it's not just -- apps are important to him the sort of 5000 dollar surgery don't go chief -- don't you.

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{"id":15320814,"title":"Kathy Griffin Gets to Talking","duration":"3:22","description":"Bravo honors one of its own with her very own talk show.","url":"/WNN/video/kathy-griffin-gets-bravo-talk-show-15320814","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}