Kelly Ripa Introduces Her New Co-Host

Former New York Giants defensive end and Super Bowl winner, Michael Strahan will co-host with Ripa.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Ripa Introduces Her New Co-Host
Well the worst kept secret in TV is now out there of course the new post with Kelly -- it -- -- Michael Strahan of football glory here an interesting side note here. It also was yesterday were Kelly brought about -- kind of took over -- took her -- that big bear -- areas. He and Kelly as -- -- what won her over was the fact he lost is forced back to her had to babysit. For her kids and here is ability to be like a -- her mom. Figure really kind of one of her over and that's -- because they got the job he's gonna continues well doing fox NFL Sunday which was as his original game. And he says he was more nervous yesterday coming out of that -- that he was before any of his professional football -- so a new chapter in the long history that show begins. Congratulations Michael -- wish you nothing but success. Us and he was a giant giants and cowboys kick off the NFL season tonight. In the days sticking with football -- chat -- Jessica was -- by the dolphins after allegedly had buddy his wife Evelyn Lozada who filed for divorce after 41 days of -- he's trying to woo her back on his. -- -- -- He apparently got this new tax US base of battling an and that he changed his profile and -- -- don't tell me I'm not perfect about a role model I'm -- and acting FO. And I love all of that from the so -- -- he's trying to -- Her backpack method that threaten our hot his cat that's -- look at the -- if we're honest yeah. Perfect for her face and beautiful you know not get married a woman get hit but it is thinking about it but then. I don't think it's for trade and attacked -- I've -- I don't think so also. So when it the -- -- here -- in -- had a very interesting season premiere comes September. They -- they decided all the ladies there Sharon -- a company to go make -- free. For their big premiere on that ten's Sharon Osbourne Julie Chen Sara Gilbert Cheryl Underwood and you should Tyler the big season premiere even -- guest Jamie Lee Curtis is gonna go stands -- a make up. And Chen said we decided the ultimate way to be real and authentic would be to go on without our state fair fake eyelashes. 5000 TV make up so you wanna see them all natural routes to and into the season premier should be very interesting to see them all. Dressed down home how do you make -- Frightening you've seen me without my hair. Yeah. -- move -- we'll save a couple of post baby and not him. To show you went up about Jessica Simpson of course she signed that lucrative deal with -- Weight Watchers she tells people she says the bodies not bouncing back by the supermodel. And it's your everyday woman is trying to feel good. Apparently she works out of the trader -- -- five times a week she hasn't revealed her current weight or what she waited your heaviest but she's gonna appear in a Weight Watchers ads beginning next week. -- and she will reveal her post body. Post baby body and -- -- show on September 10 Sophia were just isn't and wasn't her fight -- back -- the duke and other days she. Who look it was he was not a mess with the we look -- as she looked amazing Snooki meantime -- what sixties after she had a baby posting these pictures on Twitter hades Sunday slowly getting less swagger back post pregnancy and she treated another one with a caption. -- -- -- There Joseph -- you still have time to your hair and -- -- -- -- -- Also. Also hear Justin Bieber news fairly tweeted a picture of himself selling that he now has a seventh that citizens -- a little crown is on his right collarbone and apparently isn't tribute to his idol Michael Jackson we will discuss in a few minutes ago so. Seven tattoos -- overall -- -- and evidence. He loves that game -- resolved that it. Well hopefully get a break in his -- -- a chest hair. What about your Gmail coverage you can we.

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{"id":17157717,"title":"Kelly Ripa Introduces Her New Co-Host","duration":"3:00","description":"Former New York Giants defensive end and Super Bowl winner, Michael Strahan will co-host with Ripa.","url":"/WNN/video/kelly-ripa-introduces-host-17157717","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}