Kelly Ripa Is Putting Her Penthouse Up for Sale

The "Live" host is selling her penthouse condo for $24.5 million.
3:34 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Kelly Ripa Is Putting Her Penthouse Up for Sale
You think yes it is. Time for the skinny and Kelly rip up who you know I just love of Hoover. I Jersey girl yes it is putting her New York penthouse on the market she purchased it in 200549. Point one million dollars. However -- selling it for twenty -- -- points. Five million dollars in its insult when it really is remarkable two floors it has five bathrooms two home offices -- media room 2500. Square foot outdoor space with -- hot tub. An indoor outdoor kitchen rather. Can't deliver and has the central staircase. To dishwashers. Refrigerators home gym powder room library and Ruth -- thank you. Then after that. For 24 point five million dollars and get this strapped. By the apartment is being sold by two brokers one of which is rough failed -- -- son of actor Robert De Niro Lowell also Lamberty celebrities -- Lamberty. Everything sometimes when we got the wrong job in television I think about it off. About. Oh nice investment there mr. -- -- Nothing gets it and I had asked for his New York you never know -- tension and get it tomorrow policy can't be a fan of TV -- comes in not loved Michael J. Fox of course remembering her family -- out speaking days. But of course we -- these been battling -- is -- for for several years but he's gotten the condition. Under control of twelve years after leaving Spin City here on ABC after retiring because of the -- He's coming back he's now 51 years old he's gonna come back the sitcom on NBC set to play a busy husband and father of three who juggles his family his career. And is also battling partisans it was a little. As perfect as borrowing from his real life battles with the diseases -- is looking forward to going back. To the TV world to have his own show again so we all of this -- welcome back invention premier -- and the fall of this year so welcome back to TVMR Michael JW. -- -- -- -- I'm Al Roker -- we do -- she's the weatherman of course on NBC on The Today Show. Com member he sort of said it after gastric bypass. -- -- little pool accident at the White House yes he went yet to go commando because he. But I guess he was passing gas and -- pass a little bit more which process happens -- people I had never heard that for -- in any event. They've now made a song out of it take a listen on YouTube. You can't. No -- rate is down now -- -- now. Real quick here Justin Bieber is gonna -- on Saturday Night Live on February ninth and apparently he's told the writers. That you know what happens much fun as you want because he's kind of been spotted in recent weeks enjoy a little the green stuff so we save -- And being high our lives today -- saying no holds barred you know what SNL writers have fun with. Minding his now well known -- -- Mary Jane so. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18188239,"title":"Kelly Ripa Is Putting Her Penthouse Up for Sale","duration":"3:34","description":"The \"Live\" host is selling her penthouse condo for $24.5 million.","url":"/WNN/video/kelly-ripa-putting-penthouse-sale-18188239","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}