Kelly Ripa: The Waiting is Over

Kelly Ripa will officially announce her new co-host today.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Ripa: The Waiting is Over
All right folks the wait is over finally it only took eight months and 22 -- and 59 guest -- -- is crazy. We'll find out who officially -- permanently does not replace Regis Philbin on live with Kelly later today she will be. All the way America -- until it isn't. Probably not literally you know we're here on the -- looks like yeah OK yeah. -- -- But yes or no reason that the show November so they we will find out who it is a walkout that stage in Boone. Finally went all the speculation. And of course the leading candidate on the with a rumor mill has turned out is that retired New York giant. Michael Strahan who all I have. Today was just get half naked and that could -- the new look at this show there so have an underdog candidate but it could see how Michael that's in the -- -- the last couple weeks on the street but all that history. And today's a good luck telling C on Good Morning America later this morning commercial casualties -- a little bit more. Gas are moving on Ellen DeGeneres is getting -- start a lot of game Hollywood and find very coveted spot I wanna go through some of the things. That this woman has been nominated for and -- in her ten seasons she has won at thirty daytime Emmy Awards. Twelve People's Choice Awards. She was just recently given the teen choice award for choice comedian fourth consecutive -- -- your -- route. She's also won two genius awards and a glad media award for outstanding talk show episode. If you can believe that there is more she's going to be presented with the fifteenth annual. Mark Twain prize for -- -- humor. This coming October. -- -- she's come from her show that would amazing. It's absolutely and a New Orleans native to boot so congratulations to Alan on top of that. -- also -- the story yesterday about this Vanity Fair article that's coming up pretty explosive story here about Tom Cruise and cannot Scientology's how they really were all auditioning. Women to be his wife before he met Katie Holmes -- literally there's a process that were interviews it was this whole thing. And now the stories being corroborated by -- writer director of the -- fresh. Paul Haggis he confirms that he knows this how woman who of the homes was finally -- Thomas found myself with. Moore's name their missing -- anyway but didn't it was we'll -- in the name anyway it was a woman that they -- he -- he confirms that she knew he knew this woman and knew the process she went through that she was embarrassed about our involvement in. He has since left the church. Haggis says she has left it is well you know he's confirming the stories in the media check out -- Vanity Fair article could be a lot of validity to what terms of how that church works. And how it deals with Tom and his -- And are -- going -- Amir's threw -- hands -- really quickly green day's Billie Joseph Armstrong has been rushed to the hospital according to Perez Hilton dot com. The problem is there's no word on why they have not disclose his illness so therefore -- they had to cancel one of -- concerts -- they had in Italy. Of course one of the ten members to get out that that was a -- much.

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{"id":17146323,"title":"Kelly Ripa: The Waiting is Over","duration":"3:00","description":"Kelly Ripa will officially announce her new co-host today.","url":"/WNN/video/kelly-ripa-waiting-17146323","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}