Kid Sues His Orthodontist After 11 Years in Braces

After wearing braces for 11 years a kid is suing his orthodontist for $185,000.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kid Sues His Orthodontist After 11 Years in Braces
Are welcome to the makes everybody when you look back -- -- old school photos the most embarrassing ones are typically when he had -- says -- junior high years her own did -- -- or again. Had braces. For -- in the years he's now suing his orthodontist why should he braces for eleven years to basically -- third grade. Although we can -- he was a senior high school -- he's do we need an orthodontist. 150000 of the pain and suffering plus 35000. Dollars that he'll need to correct. Cut his teeth. Because of injuries to his teeth and mouth and -- -- to -- what happened after two years was the typical time -- -- -- -- monetary these things all of ABC news contacted this dentist and he said it was very complicated -- eleven years for this poor kids. A one in three years typically when you Wear braces and had gotten as I looked horrible and 767. And eighth grade. -- -- my headline and we -- how much -- -- was 450000. Dollar plus another 320000. Dollars roughly which I think. Maybe that number should go up here for the loss of dating life and then by the millions in -- -- C headgear our government and and we -- It that it all -- to braces and as low yeah yeah. All you have always been. It's all -- and the hot. He hasn't caught on this side facing camera beat. A -- -- its work is worth it -- -- hate me. Yeah exactly did this one speaking of love. This couple really had a reducing wedding ceremony they literally went to. Seneca rocks in West Virginia went to the -- -- they've been basis everybody was a mountain climb here can he put on the. -- decade old thought she put on her mother's wedding gown they made -- -- together got to the top and got married couple actually going to be a Good Morning America. Later today for the release Brothers perform the ceremony at -- second rather -- -- with them to take the all important. Pictures -- progressed to that couple took him out on GMA plated -- got to respect the creativity. Pressure everybody's like one upping the next person Pamela by Sony music -- America okay I'm -- that shoppers are taking -- no pun intended at a bleak. -- it was designed just for women what has a bit can be ICU -- -- -- OK yes it's a big crystal. For her and they're promoting out of -- it has a female to fit a woman's hand and an elegant design just for -- available in an array of a pastel hues but it's getting blasted. One -- -- I love -- Christopher -- the delicate shape and pretty pastel colors makes it perfect for reading recipe cards. Checks to my psychologists and tracking my monthly cycle another says ask your husband for some extra pocket money say goodbye -- today apparently that he got behind. It -- with a little -- so come back firing a little bit. So -- shift their race. It's headed in the big black -- -- is that it was.

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{"id":17102509,"title":"Kid Sues His Orthodontist After 11 Years in Braces","duration":"3:00","description":"After wearing braces for 11 years a kid is suing his orthodontist for $185,000.","url":"/WNN/video/kid-sues-orthodontist-11-years-braces-17102509","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}